Lucidia – An Interactive Agency in Ontario, Canada: Our Services

By: Lucidia  09-12-2011

Gone are the days when you could get by with an attractive website that remains static. Today, people want to have conversations and interaction on the web, and your website needs to facilitate this. You want to stand out from the pack with an online experience that speaks directly with your customers. We can do that for you.

Using the web, we’ll help you reach your audience in more dynamic and meaningful ways.
We’ll also help you save time and money, and to that end, we offer more than just expertise building websites.

Lucidia works with both Microsoft (.Net) and open-source (PHP) languages to give our clients’ modern tools and methods of doing business. We can create customized web applications for you that will make your life simpler and better organized.

You’ll also get our cost-effective, easy to use Lucidia Content Management Solution.  Our Content Management Solution has been developed over the past seven years and is a major reason why many of our clients have achieved their objectives.

Interactive is where we started, who we are and what we do best. Give us a call. We’ll have a conversation, and then we’ll get you talking with your customers online in no time.

You want to communicate and we want to help. Our talents include research, strategy, art and creative direction, graphic design, copywriting and multimedia expertise.

The question really is:  How deep do you want to go? We can take you right from asking insightful questions with a systematic approach to working out a strategy that will help you zig when your competitors zag.

Then we’ll unleash our creative team, finding you just the right look, images, words, and feelings to help you make a dent in the marketplace.

Finally, we’ll help you with media and print management, ensuring your message has the right mix of media to connect with your audience.

We take pride in telling you that more than three-quarters of our business today comes from existing clients and their referrals. 

Our active roster of clients includes large corporations, international associations, government agencies and services, a variety of small and medium enterprises and not-for-profit organizations.

We have proven marketing experience delivering services across a variety of industries and we work with clients in tourism and destination marketing, financial services and membership-based organizations. 

We're communication partners with government ministries and agencies, regional economic development corporations, public health authorities and First Nations leaders.

From Sault Ste. Marie to New York City, we currently serve a variety of business interests and we’d love to add you to our list.

Many of our interactive and web application clients take advantage of our advanced hosting and domain management service.

To this end, we maintain servers in two data centres which feature 24-hour physical security and server monitoring, secure off-site backup, multiple redundant network connections, redundant power and standby hardware ready to be swapped into operation at a moment’s notice.  We build and host solutions in both Microsoft .Net and Linux open source platforms.  Our development environments closely mirror the production systems.  We keep our clients engaged throughout the development cycle through to the seamless launch of their new site or service.

For many clients, we host their mail directly in our data centre.  Other clients choose to take advantage of our spam filtering service prior to delivering mail to an Exchange server on their own premises. 

Lucidia’s domain management services ensure that your domain is protected by maintaining accurate registration records, automatically renewing your domain each year, and replicating your name service records to 5 major data centres on two continents.

Our robust web hosting and domain management services are used by approximately 500 domain owners ranging from small private firms,  to provincial/state government agencies to national corporations and international labour unions.

Clients who use our hosting facilities may find the following links of interest: