By: Hayes Technical  09-12-2011
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Business Maintenance Contracts
Your computer is like a vehicle, if you don’t perform regular maintenance it won’t run properly.

Computer users are generally less than proactive about keeping their computers updated and maintained. Unnecessary temporary files, applications and scattered data files can seriously degrade a computers performance.

After Hayes Technical Services cleans up their computers and schedules regular maintenance, you'll hear fewer complaints about slow machines and poor performance.

[$40/Computer/Month (Remote) $40/Hr On Site]

  • Technical Services
    • Hardware upgrades
    • Software upgrades
    • Operating system upgrades
    • Hardware / software troubleshooting
  • Specialty Services
    • Network troubleshooting
    • Network and user management
    • Security and disaster recovery
    • Data & Password recovery services
    • Network documentation
    • Hardware and software inventory
    • Software license audits and compliance reporting
    • Wireless networking solutions
    • Video conferencing solutions
    • Secure remote access solutions
    • Remote support options
    • Training
  • Web Design and Hosting
    • Affordable web design and hosting solutions for businesses.
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