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By: Cottage Watchers  09-12-2011
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Algoma Cottage Watchers                                                                

We offer primarily anything that might come as an inconvenience to cottage owners.


·       Key Distribution services  

·        Propane level and other checks

·    Stump Grinding

·       Lawn cutting

·       Weed-whacking

·       Brush trimming

·       Eves Trough cleaning

·       Snow removal

·       Deliveries

·       Cottage opening or closing

·       Any other jobs that my come as a special request for our customers.

Key Distrabution Services:


If you are a Cottage Rental business, we will hold your key for you and administer it to any authorized renters.  We can be a pick up office for the key to your cottage, or we can deliver it personally to the renter at the cottage.   

Cottage Checks:

Cottage checks can be conducted on a weekly basis, twice a week or only one time if requested by a cottage owner.  Having someone check on your cottage propane levels can ensure your cottage will never run empty on propane throughout the year.  We can also administer checks on the property if you would like us to check up and report back on any jobs done by hired contractors. If you have a certain time line that you would like things to be done and want to make sure the contractors are on schedule, then this service is for you.  

Lawn Cutting:

Whether it is a small yard or a large yard, every cottage has grass around somewhere that needs to be taken care of.  Cottages are there to relax and do recreational activities that you don't normally get to do at your present home. So why spend half of your time maintaining your cottage, you can do that at home. We will take care of your lawn for you, so that you can concentrate on the things you enjoy.


Most cottage yards are over grown in most areas.  Most owners just maintain areas that they use most and leave the rest alone.  We will help you expand your properties potential, and you can expand your investment.

Brush trimming:

Most entrances into cottage properties are long and narrow.  These entrances are normally surrounded by growing trees and bushes.  We will clean up the entrance for you so that you don't have to grind your teeth and worry about scratching your vehicle.

Eves trough cleaning:

If you have a cottage in this area, you more than likely have trees all around.  When you have trees, you have leaves and these guys clog up your eves. If you don't clean these often, they can be more of a water catcher then you want.  In the winter they will catch all the melted snow and re-freeze, filling up with ice.  Most clamps can't take the weight and will eventually give out.  In the spring, you might have to spend most of your weekend making a trip into town to the hardware store and fixing the problem, rather than relaxing.   We will take care of that problem for you, so that you can spend that time fishing and enjoying yourself.

Snow Removal:

When snow builds up on the roof of your cottage it can cause a lot of damage to the structure of the cottage and even collapse the roof.  This is a problem that a lot of people have.  When a cottage owner is not around for the winter, they are not aware if any damage is being done.  They may show up to the cottage in the spring with a very expensive problem.  Not only can the roof collapse, but the water damage afterwards can be more of a problem.  So avoid this problem and have us take care of it for you.

Snow Plowing/Blowing:

So many cottage owners will park at the top of their entrance and haul their entire luggage down to their cottage.  If you would like to drive down to your cottage next time, or just want us to plow it every so often just let us know.  We also have a sanding option for those who are more afraid of not getting up their driveway in the winter.


Most people like to have a nice relaxing camp fire when they are out at their cottage but don't have the room or spend the extra cash in gas mileage bringing a couple cords of wood with them on their trip.  We will deliver firewood for you right to your cottage so that you can just worry about how big you want the fire, rather than chopping down what tree in the bush. Also, if there is anything else you could use at your cottage and want it delivered there, just ask.  We will be glad to deliver it there safely for you.

Cottage Opening/Closing:

If you are the type of person that would like to show up to the cottage with your boat loaded in the water and the gas tanks filled up or are the type of person that would like to show up with the heat turned on and the water running, then this is the service for you.  You can also call us to close up your cottage for you.  This would be good if you had a sudden change in plans and couldn't make it for your last visit to the cottage before winter.

Other Special Requests:

Don't be afraid to ask, we are here to make your stay at your cottage as convenient as possible.  If you want minnow traps set out or a volley ball net set up, we are the ones to call.

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