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By: Cloudboom  09-12-2011
Keywords: Application Development, social networks, Online Communities

Software Design

We think that great software emerges from great communication. We design software with the idea in mind that the perfect solution is usually the simplest and quickest to accomplish your goals. Our approach to designing solutions involves you in the decision making process and ensures your feedback directly impacts the result. With us designing your solution, you're in the driver's seat.

Application Development

With CloudBoom, we understand how lasting success in application development requires an approach that delivers a tailored experience that works like you do. That's why we have a team of talented professionals that not only have a passion for development and design, but more importantly - a commitment to getting it right.

Cloud-Based Solutions

The terms 'less expensive' and 'more effective' come to a rare convergence when developing cloud-based solutions. But developing cloud-based solutions requires a new approach that addresses the unique challenges of software-as-a-service. With us in your corner, we can deliver on the promise this new technology brings.

Social Networks

We have a theory about social networks that drives our design and development: the more people feel good about using a social network, the more often they will use it. We specialize in developing niche online communities that engage users and keep them coming back for that feeling of 'belonging'.

Front-End Engineering

With the availability of devices that can now access your website and web applications increasing at an ever increasing rate, it has become more important than ever to have strategies and approaches ensuring that people have access when they want and how they want on any device they want. We can take your designs or user interfaces and develop them into efficient, cross-device-compatible solutions using cutting-edge techniques and proven approaches.

Web Integration

We tend to think that great software shouldn't just be shelved because our ways of accessing it have changed. The idea that the only options for businesses is to replace their legacy systems with an expensive web-based alternative makes our skin crawl. We think that while this might be the right choice for outdated systems, another option is to transform your existing system with web-based enhancements. There's little sense in reinventing the wheel. Call us today and save your existing systems.

Keywords: Application Development, Online Communities, social networks