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By: Leadwave Technologies  09-12-2011

Flexible Solutions

We offer flexible IT solutions custom-tailored to your needs. Some of our clients require our on-site services one day a month for planned maintenance and to handle any issues, while others require a full 40 hours per week with 24 hour on call service. Some clients prefer their IT department to remain invisible and therefore take advantage of our "Remote Support" packages.

Regardless, we offer Leadwave clients the benefits of a complete, turnkey IT department tailored to meet their specific and unique needs.

Leadwave Technologies has designed a service specifically to handle the most critical part of your entire information system, your data. Utilizing Barracuda Networks' onsite backup appliances and two offsite data centres, along with Leadwave's I.T. management expertise, the Leadwave Managed Backup Service is your complete solution to ensuring reliable data backups offsite for disaster recovery as well as instant availability through an onsite appliance.

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