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By: Jodanco Enterprises  09-12-2011

Speak to the Israelites and say to them: "Throughout the generations to come you are to make tassels on the corners of your garments, with a blue cord on each tassel.”Each tassel was to have one longer fringe dyed the color of Royal Blue. The blue was only obtained from the hypobranchial gland of a Murex marine snail that only lives in deep water in the Mediterranean. It has been calculated that it would take 10,000 snails to produce one gram of the blue dye. the need for a divine infusion of holiness (blue). The production of blue yarn and cloth dyed in the traditional way ceased many centuries ago, when the supply of snails appeared to become extinct. Jews have never been willing to accept any other kind of blue dye, so that to this day they have had no blue cord in their fringes and tassels. Imagine therefore the excitement in orthodox Jewry, when, a year or so ago, it was announced that the Murex snails were not extinct after all, and it might be possible to resume production of the traditional blue dye. The Roman historian Pliny described in some detail how these dyes were manufactured in his day, and attempts to follow his method have been tried by a scientific group in the Lebanon. The flurry of excitement among those Jews anxious to be able to comply with the requirements of the Law and once again have a blue cord in their fringe and tassels may speed the efforts of those engaged in this enterprise. Some Jews have even gone so far as to see the revival of the heavenly blue as a sure sign of the advent of their Messiah. John V. Collyer The blue thread or Shamash, meaning Servant, is wrapped around the other strands. From the Messianic point of view, the Shamash (the blue thread) points to Messiah Yeshua, the suffering servant who is also the King, as the color blue indicates. While scarlet or red is the color of shed blood, blue is the color of the bloodline; the mark of royalty. If we look back at Numbers 15:37 we see the blue thread is given to the fringe. While most English translations use the words attached, put or secured, the Hebrew word is from natan, meaning to give. The Messiah is given by the Father to fulfill the commandments. He is the only one who ever performed them perfectly. His ability to fulfill the commandments proves He has the rightful bloodline to be the eternal King. Hence, the blue thread signifies the Servant-King. The blue thread is one out of eight strands on the tsitsit. The seven white strands signify the perfection, purity and holiness of God’s Law. In one sense the blue strand, Messiah, is like an eighth Law. With eight being the number of new beginnings, it shows that when Messiah was revealed He began a new Law, not destroying the seven strands representing the Torah, but beautifying them even further and adding His power to them. The new Law was actually a Torah of ability through Him. We know this Law to be Him, the Living Torah, the Torah of Love set in our hearts by the Ruach (Spirit of God). The seven white strands are not taken away by the one blue, but rather they are completed by the blue thread. Wrapped with it. Without Messiah no man can possibly keep the Law of God, but by God’s power through Him all things become possible. With Him in us, as the true bloodline, our lives are purified and sanctified and we are complete. For wherever the blue thread of Messiah lives, there also lives the whole Torah bound in Him.

Today to get the thread of blue in the fringe it has to be specially ordered. This is an option available for any of the shawls we offer.At an extra charge of $26.00 more per shawl. They come from Israel to you! You may need to call us to order them on any of the other shawls. (519) 337-7230



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