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Choosing The Right Product

Throughout industry, and other areas where dangerous chemicals or corrosive substances are used, there are many different conditions that determine the type of safety unit to be installed. When choosing this type of emergency equipment, not only is it very important that it has been designed and tested in line with the relevant standard, it is equally important that the correct model is chosen to suit the specific application and location.

The Hughes range includes equipment designed for both indoor and outdoor use and in either hot or cold climates. A special export range of products has been developed for easy shipping with minimal transport and packing costs.

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Outdoor Emergency Safety Showers

Units are not designed to deliver warm water at a constant temperature; cool water is preferable as it soothes the affected area and reduces absorption of chemicals through the skin. Internal tubular can be stainless steel or galvanized mild steel and the outer casing is made from unbreakable medium density polyethylene. When an immersion heater is fitted, the 100 watt element is easily removed for servicing or replacement.


Decontamination Equipment | Decontamination Showers

In cases where personal protective equipment is worn it is imperative that any contaminant or other unpleasant substance is thoroughly washed off prior to removal. The second stage, the water drench, is delivered from eight high velocity spray nozzles from the sides and two high velocity, high flow rate nozzles from above.


Indoor Unheated Emergency Safety Showers

To allow these products to be easily exported all units are made up of separate modules to facilitate economic packaging in relatively small boxes, thus greatly reducing packaging and shipping costs. Those models fitted with eyewash/facewash fountains normally have a low level water inlet but are also available with high level water inlet and eyewash/facewash drain piped to floor level.


Emergency Eye Wash | Facewash Equipment

In an endeavor to keep abreast of the ever increasing legislation concerning the provision of adequate first-aid equipment and facilities, we have expanded and improved our already comprehensive range of emergency eyewash and face wash modes. Eyewash bottles containing a saline solution alone do not meet the criteria; such bottles should only be used after a 10-15 minute wash using a plumbed-in-eyewash or face wash unit.


General Use Emergency Tank Showers

The outdoor types are heated and pre-insulated to prevent freezing during conditions of frost, whereas the indoor or outdoor versions are insulated but without heating, to ensure a steady temperature is maintained. With the mains supply permanently connected, the 750 litre model will deliver warm water for 15 minutes, recommended by the ANSI standard.