By: Urban Feeders  09-12-2011


The Urban K25 concentrate feed station with transponder for calves is offered as an accessory for all Urban U20 and U40 computer controlled calf feeders. It is programmed and controlled from the feeding computer. This accessory is ideal for switching the calves from “milk drinkers to ruminants”, since the animals are gently accustomed to the concentrate feed by the provision of several portions distributed evenly throughout the day.

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Urban MilkShuttle

Also included in the program is the trusted Urban M90 feed mixer, with quick- or slow- running agitator, as transportation container or as permanent container, ideal as whole milk container for your feed system. The Urban MilkShuttle is optionally available with or without traction drive, but the MilkShuttle can be easily moved without the drive due to its large wheels.



The closed loop means that milk at the correct temperature is always available for drawing down from the teat. All Urban calf feeders have an automatic mixing bowl cleaning with alternating acid and alkaline detergent. Pressing a button allows milk at the correct temperature quickly and simply drawn from a milk drain tap. All the metal parts in the Urban computer controlled calf feeders are made from stainless steel.



Freely programmable quantitative proportion of both concentrated milk powders, enabling stress-free switching during the rearing phase. Renowned manufacturers of concentrated milk powders currently see savings potential of 10-20 euros per calf when using the U40 TWIN. Utilisation of two different concentrated milk powders that can be optimally adjusted to the respective stage of calf development.



All Urban computer controlled calf feeders have automatic mix container cleaning with an alternating programme for acid and alkaline detergent. The sophisticated design and high-quality workmanship using stainless steel components provide the basis for a long service life. Other types of feeder systems can cool down between times, which results in the heated water immediately cooling down a little.