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By: Johnson's Computer Service  09-12-2011
Keywords: Virus Removal, Hard Disk


  • Computer installation service for assistance with assembling & setting up a computer for first time users
  • Install new computer hardware such as DVD burner, extra disk drive, scanner, printer, etc.
  • Add memory to your computer
  • Desktop computer cleaning to remove dust so it runs cooler and longer
  • Replacing noisy fan(s), clean floppy disk drives, and other computer maintenance tasks
  • Software cleaning: speed up your computer, cleanup unused programs & games to improve speed
  • Replace a hard drive with a bigger drive without loosing your data
  • Add a 2nd hard drive for increased storage capacity


  • Anti-virus program set up
  • Setup an e-mail account
  • Tutorials on how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Photoshop, e-mail clients
  • Upgrade to Windows XP, if you are using Windows 95 or Windows 98
  • New software installation and configuration
  • Software upgrade and Operating System service pack installation


  • Hard disk problems solved
  • Fix Virus problems (see below)
  • Computer will not boot
  • Resolve computer error messages

For some problems that require repair in our shop, we can remove your hard drive so all your personal data on the hard disk never leaves your home.


  • Install and setup a Wi-Fi network
  • Improve your Wi-Fi security so it will stand up to intruders
  • Solve unreliable operation problems


  • Solve lack or unreliable internet connectivity issues. (Determine if the ISP's equipment or your computer is the problem.)
  • Setup a router to limit bandwidth to each user to prevent hogging
  • Setup time or bandwidth restrictions for kids
  • Add a firewall to protect from intruders if none exists
  • We can fix computer problems that are due to problems with your home's telephone wiring for dial-up and DSL access to the Internet


  • Recover accidentally deleted files
  • Recover accidentally deleted pictures from digital camera flash cards


  • We have the antidote for all those nasty viruses
  • We’ll remove adware and/or spyware
  • Anti-virus program install and set up

Beware of any repair service that tells you "we need to reformat your hard disk to get rid of the virus". This is the easiest way to remove a virus, but it is the most devastating to the computer owner. This method also requires zero technical skill to do. If you encounter a repair service that offers virus removal service for a fixed price, and they suggest reformatting your hard drive, beware! They are fixing the problem in the fastest way that they can to maximize profits, but this will cause you to loose all your data on the hard disk, and require hours or days of effort to re-install your software and configure the computer the way that it was before the virus problem occurred. We would do this only as a last resort, because the result is so inconvenient for the customer. Many virus problems can be cured with a less drastic approach.


  • We can fix problems in your personal or small business web site
  • We can give you some hands on training on how to create a web site, obtain a domain name, and find a company to host your web site
  • We have created web content using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript technologies

Keywords: Hard Disk, Virus Removal

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