By: Jule Enterprises  09-12-2011

1 Jule chassis

2 Radius arm boxes (BJ8)

2 Main floors pans

2 Front wheel arch extensions

2 Rear wheel arches

2 Inner sills

2 Rear floor pans

2 Outer sills

2 Front floor pans

2 Inner toe boards

2 Front door pillar braces

2 Inner floor pans

2 Trunk boxes

1 Trunk catch brace

1 Trunk pan

2 Rear inner wings

2 Door catch pillarsĀ 

Transfer Package is $8,000.00 US Dollars. Parts value including chassis $5995.00 USD and labour cost is $2,005.00 USD.

All exterior panels are fitted.

Full Guarantee for 5 years. We are the only company offering a guarantee.

This is the best market value offered ever for an Austin Healey.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011