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By: Ipfinity  09-12-2011

MediaLink is a modular applications delivery platform built over a rock-solid distributed architecture. Think of MediaLink as

MediaLink = Apps + Cloud .

The Cloud attribute of MediaLink provides redundancy, reliability and scalability: maximum bang for minimum buck.

The Apps attribute of MediaLink allows you to get tailor your communications exactly the way you want it.

Case 1: The busy sales guy

Solution: MediaLink twins Paul’s cell to his phone system. Plus the MediaLink app running on his Smartphone is an extension of his phone system so he doesn’t need to worry about long distance. With a measly 512Mb 3G data plan from his cell carrier, Paul can talk for hours

over 3G data

and MediaLink bundles his long-distance into the office long distance plan. No dialaround numbers.

Win-win: Paul can do everything he can with his desk phone. Park calls, page people at the office, make 3-way calls. Paul’s cell bill has gone from over $300 a month to $30 and Paul is so connected, he can focus on his real job.

Case 2: The busy shop

Solution: MediaLink gives Jean a burstable (scalable) trunk service. Any calls that her phone system can’t answer are queued in MediaLink’s cloud. Customers hear Jean’s specials so they can in queue until a line frees up at Jean’s shop and the next salesperson can take their call, or they can request a call-back and hangup and as soon as the next sales person is available, MediaLink will call the customer back and connect Jean’s salesperson to them.

Win-win: MediaLink has saved Jean the capital expense of upgrading her phone system. She gets additional capacity but only pays for the lines she needs when she needs them.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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MediaLink Apps | IPFINITY, Inc

Available for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 as well as the newer Android phones, the MediaLink app turns your Smartphone into a full fledged business phone. If you need to store your recordings over a long period of time, what better way than on Amazon’s S3 or other cloud storage service. MediaLink can give you DRP the best way: a service you use daily but which also becomes your DRP in an emergency: your cell phone.