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By: Ipfinity  09-12-2011

Here are just a few of the many, many apps available on MediaLink:

Smartphone twinning to PBX

Available for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 as well as the newer Android phones, the MediaLink app turns your Smartphone into a full fledged business phone. Best of all, calls are made over 3G DATA (not 3G voice), cutting monthly cell phone costs to a fraction!

Skype Incoming

For some businesses Skype has become an indispensable communication tool. Problem is, you need to be at your computer or people can’t reach you. No more. With Skype incoming assign your Skype handle to ring your phone system. When they call you, they hear your friendly company greeting. That’s professional and functional.

Conference Bridge

Call Recording

Call queuing with callback

When the phone’s ringing off the hook (it’s that time of the day or year), don’t lose those customers. Give them the option to stay in queue, or get a call-back without losing their place in the queue.

Yep, the same thing as on an iPhone. Only you can get it on any web-enabled device.

Call recording, with encrypted cloud archival

If you need to store your recordings over a long period of time, what better way than on Amazon’s S3 or other cloud storage service. For pennies a gigabyte (with rates falling), cloud storage is way cheaper than storing these hard disks in shoe boxes (think of the space you’ll save, not to mention the electricity and the aggravation). No question, this is the way to go.

Google Voice integration

Available in the US. Coming soon elsewhere.


Disasters can strike at any time. But who wants to pay a lot for something you may never use (certainly hope you never use). MediaLink can give you DRP the best way: a service you use daily but which also becomes your DRP in an emergency: your cell phone. Just ask us how.

and way more…

we were just scratching the surface here. We’ve been busy building apps at a steady clip. In fact, if you can think it, we can probably build it for a price that you would love, and that’s if we haven’t built it already!

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The MediaLink Solution | IPFINITY, Inc

Customers hear Jean’s specials so they can in queue until a line frees up at Jean’s shop and the next salesperson can take their call, or they can request a call-back and hangup and as soon as the next sales person is available, MediaLink will call the customer back and connect Jean’s salesperson to them. Plus the MediaLink app running on his Smartphone is an extension of his phone system so he doesn’t need to worry about long distance.