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By: The Chimney Swift  09-12-2011
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An architecturally distinctive chimney in Cambridge.

We have been repairing chimneys since 1980. One of our specialties is the restoration of historical and architecturally significant chimneys. We will work with you and with the authorities to attempt to reconcile current code requirements with original, historical chimney construction. Most chimneys built before 1940 did not have any type of liner in the flue, only brick (or stone if it is a stone chimney). The Ontario Building Code states in section that "Every masonry or concrete chimney shall have a lining of clay, concrete, firebrick, or metal." If the chimney is a working chimney; that is, if a gas, oil, or wood -fired appliance is venting into it, a proper liner must be installed. 

In fact, it is usually because there is not a proper flue liner that the chimney has deteriorated. Today's appliances, whether gas, oil, or wood fired are much more efficient than those of even a few years back. This means that more of the heat produced remains in the home, and there is much less heat vented up the flue. 

This can lead to excessive condensation buildup, especially in outside chimneys and the portion of the chimney which extends above the roof. This condensation is absorbed into the brick and mortar and then the freeze / thaw cycles throughout the winter will break the chimney apart.

Restoration Job in Guelph 2001

This chimney had two un-lined flues, yet serviced three appliances. There were two fireplaces, one on top of the other, and the gas furnace. In this instance, we installed a stainless steel liner in the flue to the right (center photo) to service the gas furnace. In the flue to the left, we had sufficient room to install two stainless steel liners. The wrapped liner on the left is connected to a new Bellfires fireplace unit which we installed in the main floor fireplace. The smaller liner in the center is connected to a gas fireplace insert installed in the upstairs fireplace. We were then able to make a slight adjustment to the chimney structure above the roof to accommodate the flue liners, yet maintain the historical style of the original chimney.

Keywords: Building Code, chimney, fireplace, Gas, Stainless Steel, Steel Liner

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