TC Home Daycare

By: Tc Home Daycare  09-12-2011

The day care is on the main level in the living room so the kids get plenty of daylight. There are 2 large windows for sunlight to come in. Being on the main level of a bungalow there is easy access to the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms without going up and down stairs. I have a large fenced in back yard that includes a sand box for the kids to play. Along with more outdoor toys then my husband would care to have. He has to move them all to cut the lawn; we have a swing set, a slide and castle.

My hours are Monday to Friday.

What I Provide:

-to provide a warm, loving and stimulating environment.

-to provide 1 nutritious meal and 2 snacks for full time.

-to meet all basics needs of child.

-to provide outdoor play when weather permits.

-to ensure that the child receives adequate rest.

Please contact me for more information.Tracey Cummings
1272 Campeau Cres
Rockland Ontario
K4K 1B5