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By: Chalk & Wire  09-12-2011
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Chalk & Wire’s ePortfolio, Assessment and Data Analysis Tools

Chalk & Wire’s suite of tools and services gives educators the power to build systems and processes that house authentic learner work samples and assessment-related data sets. Faculty and administrators can gather relevant data and generate meaningful reports with regard to teaching and learning while also facilitating academic and professional growth.

What You Can Do With Chalk & Wire

Learners can build an unlimited number of assessment, developmental, showcase or career-search portfolios while they are in school and long afterwards. Their portfolios can demonstrate a single skill or multiple skills. They can showcase a collection of artifacts that reveal a variety of accomplishments, as well as display how they have fulfilled assignments.  They can also reveal their reflections on assessments and benchmark performance tasks, required throughout their academic and working careers.

Faculty members, assessors and staff can build learning objectives, assignments and assessment instruments tied to any standards desired. While assessing learners’ work, faculty members and assessors can view assessment instruments in a split-screen modality and can easily provide comments based on defined sets of criteria. They can compare past and present performance at a glance.

Administrators can customize the entire system to suit local processes and goals. They can create a chain linking assignments, assessment instruments, standards and learner demographics. They can manage and analyze data through our robust reporting engine. Administrative users can run simple or more complex statistical analyses based on any elements in the chain to get snapshots of performance, reveal progress over time, compare group performance and test data for validity.

In short, the system is a powerful tool for monitoring the quality of your assessments and for ensuring that educational standards are being met.

Keywords: Chalk, Robust Reporting

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Scenarios | Chalk & Wire

The samples represent a synthesis of common scenarios and ideas taken from years of actual experiences in the field by the educators on our staff, as well as years of providing successful eportfolio assessment solutions. This Special Exhibit portfolio was created to address some common issues that you may be thinking about as you begin to explore Chalk & Wire eportfolio assessment solutions.


Technology | Chalk & Wire

In response to requests for data integration with enterprise and other local databases, Chalk & Wire has focused on making it easy to automate the data exchange from a variety of sources. SSO and file sharing plugin, transparent, integrated assessment process and pass through to the Moodle® Gradebook. SSO and file sharing Building Blocks, transparent, integrated assessment process and Gradebook integration1.


Reporting & Validity | Chalk & Wire

As such, it is a content-neutral reporting tool, capable of multiple levels of analysis that address the important questions of any discipline. At the deep end, users can develop more complex reports, such as correlational and cluster analyses, linear regression, and much more. Combine multiple snapshots at specific intervals to get an understanding of how students are developing throughout your program.