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By: Vinsense  09-12-2011
Keywords: Wine, Wine Education

  • Improves service staff knowledge and performance
  • Encourages staff development and improves morale & retention
  • Helps to develop a creative wine and food "culture"
  • Increase revenues & profits
  • Keeps the team up-to-date with current trends
  • More fun than a regular staff meeting!

If the three most important things at your restaurant are service, service, and service, then you know that the next three are training, training, and training. VinSense can help you to further develop your team and ensure that first rate service becomes second nature. Our comprehensive guidelines will be tailored to your restaurant's specific needs and include:

  • Steps of service – making sure the customer is comfortable
  • How to use the menu to up-sell
  • Presentation and service skills
  • Post-service follow-up – making sure the customer wants to come back

We employ step-by-step techniques with a track record of success guaranteed to enhance your team's – and restaurant's – performance. A VinSense training program will help you to deliver the highest standard of service to your customers, from greeting to farewell.

A full meal where the staff gets served! Teaming up with your executive chef, we will develop a menu and the theme for the evening. Gilberto Bojaca will select, research, recommend and serve the wines while explaining the origin of the wines and the reasons for the selection. These functions are geared to entertain, develop staff members' wine appreciation skills and to have fun!

For more serious wine education with an emphasis on getting staff to experience the difference a proper food and wine pairing can make, we suggest a Grand Cru Dinner for your team.

Working with your Chef, we will develop a menu and the theme for the evening. Themes will be based on wine selection, i.e., Vertical (different vintages of the same wine), Regional (Burgundy, Alsace, Napa, Tuscany) or Grape Varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Riesling etc.). Each dish and wine when served will be explained briefly; tidbits of history and background information will be added. Your staff will emerge with a new appreciation of and enthusiasm for food and wine matches.

Few restaurants can afford to hire a full-time sommelier, but if your restaurant's wine list needs more input than an enthusiastic but untrained staff member can provide, we suggest using VinSense consulting services.

VinSense consulting services can work for you either as a one-off launch or re-launch of your list, or as an ongoing project where we monitor sales and adjust wine orders on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. We will assist you with:
  • Wine selection
  • Wine list maintenance
  • Wine list specifications
  • Identifying current trends, cutting-edge programs, new products
  • Value driven, interesting & unique wines, for drinking or ageing purposes

Keywords: Wine, Wine Education