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Teamatic Price Plans If you would like to subscribe to Teamatic Plus, Teamatic Pro or Teamatic Enterprise, please click .If you have any inquiries regarding Teamatic subscription, please contact . A salesperson will contact you as soon as possible.There are four types of subscription for Teamatic:1) Teamatic Lite - Free
Teamatic Lite is a free web-based bug tracking system targeted for companies with 5 or less users. It includes the following features:
  • Maximum 5-user license
  • 5 MB of attachment storage

2) Teamatic Plus - $59 per month
Teamatic Plus is a monthly subscription package for companies that require extra services on top of Teamatic Lite. Teamatic Plus includes the following features:
  • 5-user license
  • 20 MB of attachment storage
  • Monthly Data Extraction Utility (XML Format) (Data Extraction performed on the 1st of each month)
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Case Types
  • Ticketing ( allow external users to log tickets into your Teamatic account )

On top of the Teamatic Plus package, you can also choose to extend your subscription with the following options:
  • $8 per month for each additional user

3) Teamatic Enterprise - $500 per month (minimum 6-month subscription)
Teamatic Enterprise is a dedicated hosting solution for corporations that demand better performance, better security, more storage, and a large number of user licenses. It includes the following features:
  • 50-user license
  • 1 Gigabyte of Attachment Storage
  • Dedicated Server (Hardware & software will be upgraded based on the number of subscribed users at no extra cost).
  • Anytime Data Extraction (XML Format)
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Case Types
  • Self-signed certificate
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Ticketing ( allow external users to log tickets into your Teamatic account )
  • Customizable firewall setting (IP Blocking etc.) In addition to the above features, you can also add the following:
  • $100 per month for each additional 10-user license
  • $100 per month for each additional Gigabyte of storage
  • Verisign 128-bit certificate (at cost)

Extra Support:
Teamatic Plus, Teamatic Pro and Teamatic Enterprise subscribers can also obtain extra support.
  • $100 per hour (minimum 1 hour)
  • All expenses incurred are billable to the customer (phone charges, transportation, etc.)

Below is a comparison of the different Teamatic price plans:
User MaintenanceYesYesYesCreate, edit and deactivate users
Project MaintenanceYesYesYesCreate, edit and deactivate projects
Portal Main ScreenYesYesYesView Project Statistics, ongoing discussions, most recent issues, etc. all in one screen!
Security By ProjectYesYesYesSecure individual projects and only allow authorized users to view/edit the project using the User Management screen
Project StatisticsYesYesYesSee the number of open issues, number of issues assigned to you, total number of issues, etc. in one single screen
Release MaintenanceYesYesYesCreate different releases for different stages of your project
Issue MaintenanceYesYesYesLog issues for your project
Change HistoryYesYesYesLeave comments for other people involved using the action history feature
Predefined QueriesYesYesYesFacilitate your searches with predefined queries like "All open cases assigned to me", "All open cases", etc.
Ad-hoc QueriesYesYesYesCustomize your search criteria
Custom Fields NoYesYesDefine up to five additional fields in the case detail form
Custom Case Types NoYesYesDefine up to four different Case Types for each project
40-bit or 128-bit Secure ConnectionYesYesYesEquipped with a Verisign 128-bit (Teamatic Lite and Pro only) certificate for your protection
Company-wide Discussion GroupYesYesYesStart off company-wide discussions!
Max Attachment Storage5MB20MB1GBAttach screen prints, test plans and much more!
Additional StorageN/AN/A$100 per 1GB 
Data ExtractionNoYes, MonthlyYes, AnytimeBackup your own data in XML format
TicketingNoYesYesAllow external users to log tickets into your Teamatic account
Ticketing NotificationNoYesYes
Banner AdsYesYesNo 
Enhanced ReportingNoYesYes 
Dedicated ServerNoNoYes 
Number of User LicenseMax 5550 
Additional User LicenseNA$8 per user$100 for 10 users 
Monthly Cost (USD)Free$59$500 

* All prices are quoted in US Dollars
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Keywords: bug tracking, Bug Tracking System, Web-based Bug Tracking,

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