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By: Star Telecom  09-12-2011

Due to distributed nature of modern workforce as well as increase in business travel, the volume of long distance calling has gone up. A large portion is conducted on mobile devices where LD rates are still high.

Star Telecom provides solutions for users of land lines, BlackBerry smartphones and other corporate users who need to make national and international long distance calls. The cost savings of over 60% are immediate and do not require capital investment. Our solutions are user friendly, so the disruption to users is minimal ensuring high adoption rates for the solution resulting in significant savings.

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Other products and services from Star Telecom


Toll Free & DID Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Due to the nature and design of the traditional telephone network, re-routing call traffic to a DRP / BCP location in case of a disaster or an outage at the primary contact center, can be challenging. Our clients and their designated users are able to make changes to routing of their Toll Free and DID calls on an as-needed basis. With Star Telecom's SIP Toll Free and DID Management Portal it is possible to re-route calls in real time.


Star Telecom - SIP Based Services and Solutions

However in addition to providing termination and origination, we also provide value add services and features which make our offering stand out. Star Telecom focuses on providing SIP based services such as Toll Free, DID and termination to the contact center and collections verticals. Please check often as we will be adding information regarding new services on a weekly basis.


Inbound SIP Services: Inbound Virtual PRI

It aligns voice with other network services and simplifies what has hereto been a frustrating experience with respect to dealing with carrier provisioning lead times, inflexibility and exorbitant setup fees and cancellation charges. Star Telecom's Inbound Virtual SIP Trunking is a superior solution when compared to traditional PRI services which may take weeks or months to install, come with a multi-year term and carry no redundancy.


SIP Add-Ons and Features: CTI Integrated Routing

CTI Integrated Routing is a customized integrated solution which leverages statistics from your CTI enabled telephone switch such as Cisco, Avaya or Nortel, as well as other data sources - to compute the best route between two or more sites, or SIP end-points. Other data feeds can also be integrated to determine the best-site routing based on location of the customer, language, time of day or even demographic information.


SIP / VoIP Toll Free Service

This makes capacity planning really simple as you do not have to worry about number of incoming calls, provisioning T1s, or trying to guess what your peak concurrent channel utilization will be during the busy hour, 2 months from now - how long it takes your existing TDM carrier to provision and install circuits. Also known as 1-800, or 1-8xx service, it comes with a number of optional features and add-ons, some unique to Star Telecom.


SIP Add-Ons and Features: SIP Call Recording

Multiple layers of physical and network security, and the fact that calls are not written to magnetic media prior to encryption, ensure that only you will have access to the content of call recordings. The following information can be included in the file name of each recording:• Caller ID• Caller Name• Called Number• Call Date and Time.