new manager onboarding

By: Star Results  09-12-2011

Accelerate™ is a 1-on-1 coaching and consulting program to ensure successful integration of a new sales manager during the most critical first 90 days to 6 months in their new role.

Accelerate™ will help your managers drive performance in their districts faster and with greater confidence. We can help your new managers navigate through obstacles that may negatively impact team performance.

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hiring top performers

The MANAGEMENT PRO™ identifies a range of leadership competencies including approach to motivating others, emotional intelligence, leadership style, communication style, approach to coaching, feedback and training, recruiting approach and other critical management competencies. The MANAGEMENT PRO™ predicts performance and retention in management and leadership roles. MANAGEMENT PRO™ (Management Potential Assessment.


motivational speaker

Steven teaches you how to harness the power of focus in all aspects of your personal and professional life to achieve exceptional results. Steven combines real life experiences that are aligned with your corporate culture and objectives to illustrate and inspire your teams. We are constantly putting out fires, multi-tasking and feeling like we are spinning our wheels. Organizations are increasingly struggling to meet their sales objectives.



We work with your sales team to ensure that each member of your sales organization is clear on the objectives, processes and expectations so they can flawlessly execute the plan. Our sales solutions are focused on implementation so that your organization can rapidly and effectively implement our recommendation. Boost your top and bottom line or solving an issue that is holding your team back from the results that you desire is our focus.


executive coaching

The development of sales managers into Focused and Successful Leaders inspires him and he maintains a personal investment in his clients’ success and the performance of their organizations. The Focus Factor - Steven Rosen’s 1-on-1 Executive Coaching program is a breakthrough personalized coaching approach for those at the top or on their way up.


creating a high performance sales culture

Fuelled by individual accountability, our system bridges the gaps between roles by creating a high performance, self-managing culture, generating success across the sales organization. The STAR Performance System turns potential into sales performance. How and when to transition managing staff to coaching them.


performance coaching

We use a multidimensional approach to transforming managers into sales coaches. Great sales coaching efforts improve team performance by as much as 19%. Coaching is the No. 1 activity that drives sales rep performance. Are your sales managers trained to effectively coach. Benchmark current level of coaching effectiveness. So what is holding your sales team back.


sales executive leadership forum

He is a noted public speaker who has appeared on Toronto’s CITY TV, and he has participated in numerous radio programs across Southern Ontario. Through Corporate Philosopher Samy coaches executives and leaders who seek to enhance their leadership by inspiring their teams. He accomplishes this with his unique ability to align all team members towards a compelling vision of the organization.