SeaVital - Dead Sea Cosmetics

By: Seavital  09-12-2011

Owing to special formulas which include selected natural ingredients the products:

 - preserve original salubrious and regenerative properties of the Dead Sea minerals and herbal components almost in their original form
 - include a unique liposome complex facilitating active penetration of needed substances and vitamins into the skin cells
 - contain only carefully selected unrefined ingredients producing much more persistent effect, than the components of animal origin
 - ensure good skin contact with electrically activated Dead Sea materials saturated with negative ions which trigger the biochemical mechanism of skin cells rejuvenation
 - can be stored for 36 month

A great advantage of our new products is the liposome complex they contain, considered a breakthrough in cosmetology. High technologies employed by the Sea Vital have made it possible, so to say, wrap up a group of natural active components into a micro sphere which structurally repeats the cell’s membrane, such envelope being called “the liposome complex”. Due to the affinity of the biological envelops, the cells open, and the vitamins penetrate without hindrance deep into the skin, which positively affects not only the skin itself, but the whole body.