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By: Rem Software Solutions  09-12-2011
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"Just wanted to thank you again for your help last week. You got me out of a real jamb. When I get my head above water, I'll circle back and do more testing and see how we might use Anvil with other clients."
-- Owen Mael - Core Solutions

"I have been using Anvil for quite some time to perform data conversions from one system to another. I have not found a single database format that I have not been able to convert using the Anvil software. The user interface is such that data conversions are as easy as point, click, and drag. Most conversion functionality is already programmed into the Anvil software which saves time and allows for the creation of "templates" that can be used again for similar conversions. I find the technical support exceptional. They are always ready to lend a hand, from answering a question to logging on to my system for advanced trouble shooting. I recommend Anvil to anyone needing a data conversion solution that is intuitive and customizable yet easy to use. Becci Gearman PEAK "
-- Peak

Do you need a service and support solution that is customizable?
You dont have to be a programmer to tailor HEAT to your help desk environment, to the support issues you handle, and to the way you like to work. A wizard-driven approach walks you through the steps that take HEAT from an out-of-the-box problem solver to a system that is truly your own. Additionally, HEAT is exceptional in its speed of implementation, ease of use, customizability, and scalabilityand especially its quick return on investment. You can be fully up and running within days, not weeks or months. Thats why more than 40% of the Fortune 100 companies use HEAT and why were the only service and support software company to win the coveted Users Choice Award two years in a row!

Is your call volume is out of control?
With the HEAT Self Service module your customers can access the HEAT product from any Web browser. Once accessed, HEAT Self Service provides a simple, intuitive approach to problem solving and/or reporting. Your customers can literally help themselves 24/7. Think how that alone could reduce your call volume.Are call escalations and durations too high?
Before you can reduce call escalations, you need a way to monitor, analyze, and proactively control issue escalation. Business Processes Automation Module (BPAM) does this for you. With BPAM you can create real-language escalations and automation rules using best practice guidelines, then check call against these rules and receive an alert when rules are being met.Are your training costs too high?
Teaching new technicians the intricacies of your IT systems can be a long, tedious, and expensive process. HEAT is easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to customize, which dramatically cuts your training time.Do you experience duplication efforts on repetitive issues?
These real-time capture capabilities are critical to keeping knowledge current and drastically reducing duplication of problem-solving efforts:HEAT Quick Calls allows you to solve common, recurring help desk calls by letting you automatically fill in call information with a single mouse click.Are you currently providing 24/7 Web access?
Today, high quality service management must include 24/7 accessibility. HEAT 6.41 offers this kind of access to your help desk. Within HEAT is iHEAT. iHEAT gives your roving analysts and on-the-go technicians Web access to your HEAT system. iHEATdisplays the same interface as the HEAT desktop system, minimizing training time and input errors. With iHEAT, your service and support team can easily access core HEAT features and functionality anytime, anywhere.

Do your technicians need mobile access?
Analysts and technicians need to access the HEAT system whenever necessary. Using a leading browser and your network, an ISP dial-up, or wireless modem, youll be able to use HEATs core functionality to solve problems and satisfy users from anywhere your building, a remote facility, on the road even from home. Whether you need to modify a ticket, make an assignment, or check a report, iHEAT lets you get it done without having to return to the office.

Do you know what assets you have or where they are?
Did you know your service and support department could save up to 30 percent of its total operating costs by implementing a successful asset tracking program?HEAT Asset Tracker is a comprehensive asset tracking program that provides proactive and effective management to your organization with improved return on your companys service and support investment. Here are a few of the many advantages of this powerful asset tool:

  • Gathers reliable, accurate data on hardware and software inventories.
  • Gains tighter control over inter-office and inter-departmental changes.
  • Automatically consolidates asset data in one highly accessible information Centre.
  • Automatically conducts behind-the-scenes scans of your desktop.
Are you currently legal on all your software licensing?
Illegal and unauthorized software usage can pose a tremendous legal and technical liability for your organization. Tracking down and eliminating this software can become on of your biggest, most time-consuming challenges.HEAT Asset Tracker helps to ensure your company is in full compliance with software licensing. It can even warn you of impending contract or lease expirations. This will substantially reduce software-licensing costs by eliminating both over-licensing and non-compliance penalties.With HEAT Asset Tracker, asset management will become a valuable addition to your service and support operations.

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When I get my head above water, I'll circle back and do more testing and see how we might use Anvil with other clients."-- Owen Mael - Core Solutions. You are always there to support us when we get in over our head and for that I appreciate that you appreciate the meaning of SERVICE. You took the time to work with my technicians and teach them how to use the product. You got me out of a real jamb.


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