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By: Rem Software Solutions  09-12-2011

Crystal Clearview Consulting provides a comprehensive array of GoldMine related services, from initial planning through follow-up project review, to ensure that your business/organization utilizes the GoldMine product(s) to its full potential. Our goal is to help you set realistic project goals and objectives and then provide whatever assistance you need to be sure that you reach them. As your solutions partner, Crystal Clearview Consulting is committed to the success of your project.

Strategic Planning - Optimizing your Solution

During the Strategic Planning stage, Crystal Clearview Consultings certified GoldMine professionals will work with you to establish the goals and objectives for your CRM implementation and identify its anticipated benefits. This information will be used later to measure project success.

Once we identify the project goals, we define the system requirements, and the issues and obstacles that need to be dealt with in order to produce an optimized solution and guarantee a successful project implementation. We determine if the fields/screens should be customized to capture the desired information. We recommend any third party or market specific applications that may assist in achieving the project goals. Next, we work with you to determine how the data needs to be reported. Finally, we define the data security (who should see what information) and the maintenance procedures. Generally several planning sessions are required to identify all of this information.

At the end of the Strategic Planning phase, you will receive a report that summarizes our conclusions and presents the following information:

Software to be purchased/upgraded, including any third party tools. Draft design of any GoldMine customizations, including fields and reports. A Detailed implementation plan, a dvised security configurations, and p roject estimates for implementation and training.

This document then becomes the blueprint for the implementation of your CRM project. Let us tell you more about the importance of and need for Strategic Planning. Ask your Crystal Clearview Consulting sales representative for a FREE, no obligation, preliminary Strategic Planning consultation.

Customization - Making GoldMine Truly Yours

Crystal Clearview Consulting will meet with you to discuss the features of GoldMine you wish to use, how you want it to interact with the system, and how it will fit into your business processes. We will customize your system so that GoldMine looks like you want it. We can change field labels to reflect your terminology, advise you on values for lookup lists, design custom screens to track information specific to your business, install custom templates designed for your business, and write reports to fill your needs for specific information. We can help design a system that minimizes the data entry task, while minimizing the risk of entering data incorrectly.

Data Migration - Importing your Existing Data

Whether you are currently using another contact management system, have a custom application to track contact information, or are using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or a simple text file to keep contact information, you will most likely want to transfer that information into your GoldMine system. Crystal Clearview Consulting has experience transferring data from numerous applications and data formats, and if necessary, we can write custom scripts to bring your important contact-related information into GoldMine.

Data Integration - Linking to Other Databases

Very often businesses and organizations want to integrate their Customer Relationship Management system with other corporate database applications they are using, such as accounting software. This can provide your sales and marketing staff more complete customer information. Crystal Clearview Consulting has the knowledge and experience to help you and will coordinate your project with other vendors when necessary.

Installation - System Roll-Out and Ramp-Up

One of Crystal Clearview Consulting's Certified GoldMine Technicians will install GoldMine on your system and make sure that it is running efficiently on your network. We will also install it on laptops that interface with you network, and provide a Certified GoldSync Technician to ensure that users' synchronization sessions run smoothly.

Automated Processes - Letting GoldMine Work for You

One of GoldMine's most powerful features is the ability to define processes to handle repetitive actions automatically. Crystal Clearview Consulting has extensive experience in designing Automated Processes to relieve the tedium of such tasks as sending a welcome letter to each new customer, replying to a request for information, or sending a reminder that a service agreement is about to expire. If you can define a repetitive process, Crystal Clearview Consulting can help you automate that process using GoldMines Automated Processes capability.

Report Development - Getting the Data Out

Having difficulty getting your reports to look exactly like you want them? Having trouble getting access to all the data you need? Let Crystal Clearview Consulting help you in the design and generation of custom reports.

Web Integration - Capture Data from your Web Site

Using GoldMines powerful automated processes and web integration capabilities, you can capture information about prospects and/or customers when they visit your web site. This information can automatically be entered into your GoldMine database, literature requests can be made, follow-up sales calls scheduled, etc. without any need on your part for manual data entry. Let Crystal Clearview Consulting help you.

Upgrades - The Latest and Greatest

Still using an older version of GoldMine such as 5.0 or 4.0? Ready to move over to the latest and greatest version of GoldMine software? Choose Crystal Clearview Consulting to purchase your upgrade and install your software. Need new hardware? Crystal Clearview Consulting can help. Crystal Clearview Consulting is in the business of providing total solutions. We sell software and hardware, including desktops, servers, tape drives, routers, and more. Our GoldMine and Microsoft certified specialists are ready to solve all of your technical challenges.

Project Review - The Finishing Touches

Approximately 60 90 days after project implementation is complete, and periodically thereafter, we will help you assess your progress against your goals and objectives. The purpose of this review is to answer the questions How are we doing? and Can we be doing better? At this time, the focus is the big picture. We review usage and processes to determine if the system is meeting your goals. What goals have we hit and which ones have we missed? We help you define what course of action needs to be taken from here or what changes need to be made before proceeding. We help you determine whether other system or business process changes can further increase profitability. This is the point where you discuss and plan your next stage of the project.

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