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By: Reftec  09-12-2011

"There is no other company providing this type of product that meets all the specifications and service needs at a price which can be called acceptable for the job requirements. Reftec made what could be a problematic (legislated) requirement an affordable and simplified process. They have ensured that service companies, owners and the environment are equally protected."

Peter Justice General Manager, Marinspect Refrigeration and Environmental Service, Dubai UAE

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Refrigerant Recovery Units

Twice the recovery capacity of typical oil-less recovery units. Recovers R11, R123, R113 and other low pressure refrigerants. Refrigerant Recovery Systems: Oil-less Recovery Units. For all sizes of low pressure chillers.


Chiller Purge Systems

Flexible unit can supplement existing purge units on running chillers or distill gas from storage tanks - use on high or low pressure refrigerants. Configurations available for in door or out of door location as well as aggressive environments such as chlorine processing plants. Easily dispatched to solve noncondensible gas contamination emergencies. Chiller Purge Units: Service High or Low Pressure Cooling Systems.


Refrigerant Recovery and Storage Units

A full line of units that provide on-site recovery and storage for all refrigerants in a mobile package. High and low pressure refrigerant recovery and storage units available. ” liquid and vapor ports on tanks for greater recovery rates. Storage tanks from 120 gallons up to 1000 gallons and more. Capable of handling the largest tonnage chillers. Units mounted and hard piped on the ASME tanks. High Speed recovery of vapor and liquid.


The Worldwide Leader in Refrigerant Recovery - listcats

As a service provider in the HVAC and Commercial Recovery Recycling Equipment repair industry for over 19 years, we realize the value of quality designed and well built equipment. Reftec has always been ahead of the curve with equipment designs that almost double the recovery rates of competitive units of there class with very little sacrifice in weight.


Refrigerant Storage cylinders and ASME tanks

RefTec 250 & 1000-lb D.O.T. tanks have been fitted with full 3/4” service valves and copper dip tubes to eliminate restrictions and allow faster refrigerant transfer. 250 & 1000-lb tanks are retrofitted with full 3/4" service valves & copper dip tubes to meet capacity of commercial recovery units. High capacity storage tanks accept complete high or low pressure refrigerant charges from large chillers.