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By: Philpott  09-12-2011
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Philpott Communications » frequently asked questions

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What is special about your approach?
We have developed a unique system for building awareness and driving our clients’ sales. Through analysis of clients and their markets, we create content that attracts interest, and draws the markets to them. This is particularly suitable for the internet age: you don’t get many captive audiences any more – they come only if they want to. Our approach helps make that happen.

What is your experience in the film industry?

Our team has 30 years of combined experience in the film and broadcast industries. We’ve written many hundreds of articles and spoken with many hundreds of film and broadcast professionals in production, postproduction, manufacturing, and software development.

How can you help international clients?

Most of our work to date has been for overseas clients (including the United States, which is actually across a lake from Toronto). We routinely find that what works for a domestic audience is less effective across borders. What sounds good – even impressive – in Europe can sound pompous or even arrogant elsewhere. What sounds convincing in the United States might sound like hype in other countries.

We help by finding language and tone that works across cultures for different audiences.

How can a non-technical person do technology communications?

Most of our work has been for technology companies, and we’ve done well by them, although I personally do not have a technical background. Part of the reason it works is because we find technology fascinating.

Most technology companies regularly face the challenge of explaining to non-technical people why one solution is better than another one. We’re the middle men in that equation and we can help find the best way to get those messages across accurately – and in a way that all the buyers can understand and appreciate.

Why arts and technology? Aren’t these polar opposites?

Art and technology are just two sides of the same coin. The artist is necessarily a technician, and the great artist is a master of his or her craft. Similarly, great technology is the product of the creative mind. The film industry is a great illustration of how well these worlds intersect. Art and technology? We love them both.

What is the difference between marketing and PR?

By definition, marketing includes everything you do to promote your business – which might include PR. Traditionally, PR is a specialized discipline which involves courting media attention in hopes of winning valuable coverage for your client.

Why combine marketing and PR?

In the digital age, the rules have changed. Print and broadcast are no longer the only ways to reach your market, so the media are no longer the gatekeepers of information that they used to be. The media are still important, but now we can communicate directly with our markets.

The fundamentals of marketing remain the same – understand what you offer; understand who you are offering it to – but the execution is now much more dynamic, and frankly much more interesting. PR is about reaching out. Marketing communications (now usually anchored by a web site) are about attracting and connecting. Our approach is to close the circle by doing both.

How does your work show a return on investment?

Everyone knows that you have to market yourself to succeed in business, but that’s where the consensus ends. Some companies market in the wrong places, to the wrong people, or with the wrong message. But more commonly, companies are uncertain about how to market, and hesitant to commit to a longer-term program.

At the end of the day, marketing is a simple proposition. Done properly it is certain to get results that you can measure in sales. We can change your fortunes dramatically in a year, or less.

Shouldn’t we hire someone close to home?

For sales, it matters where you live and work. But we do pr/marketing and on the internet we’re all in the same neighborhood.

For us it no longer matters where we are based. If we have a phone, email, and a good working relationship, we can work well together, whether you are around the corner or – as most of our clients have been to date – around the world.

What are your rates?

Our fees are based on an hourly rate of $125 USD. Since most of our work involves longer term campaigns we generally bill a monthly retainer whereby the rate is often even lower than that.

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Keywords: broadcast, Film, Marketing

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