Book on Metaphysics

By: Peter Dennis  01-06-2012
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This book starts with the premise that we are spiritual beings existing in a physical universe, each with a specific purpose. It explains the nature of creation and our role in it, and it sheds considerable light on many of life’s “Bigger Questions,” e.g. who are we? What is our purpose? Who or what created everything? What is the Creator’s pur¬pose? As well, this book provides clear explanations for many of the concepts that are important to understanding our own spiritual nature, e.g. reincar¬nation, spirit guides, angels, the densification of energy, past life regres¬sion, channelling, dreams, laws of the universe, dis-ease, healing, extraterrestrials, meditation, achieving goals, creating the future, out-of-body experience and a whole host of others. As we learn more about these concepts, we understand better where we fit in, we become more the architect of our destiny and less the victim of chance. As well, we can glimpse the beauty, order and magnificence of the divine plan. Indeed, developing these understand¬ings is a great adventure, and in time, it becomes clear that it is mostly one of self-dis¬covery. Enjoy the adventure.

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