Calibration and Validation Services at Navmatica

By: Navmatica  09-12-2011
Keywords: data processing, Camera Calibration

Navmatica provides geometric calibration and validation services for airborne mapping cameras. We use rigorous photogrammetric methods with well signalized control, and take into account extra aiding information such as GNSS and IMU data.

In-Situ Camera Calibration Services: In-situ airborne camera calibration services include:

  • Test range design and Ground Control Point (GCP) layout
  • Flight plan design and data collection specifications
  • Data processing and generation of calibration report

Imagery is collected by the customer and sent to Navmatica for analysis. Collection can be done over the customers own range (once validated that it meets the requirements) or over other established test areas such as the USGS National Test Ranges.

Geometric Validation Services: Navmatica provides independent accuracy evaluation of map products produced using airborne mapping cameras. This service is useful for:

  • Establishing the accuracy of a new type of mapping camera for marketing purposes
  • Providing an independent audit of your map production workflow
  • Proving quality for bidding on tenders and for acceptance of deliverables

Map products are evaluated for relative and absolute accuracy against Ground Control Points. Customers can provide the map products and their own GCP’s, or Navmatica can arrange to have new GCP’s collected. Navmatica can also have the camera flown over an existing test range near their facilities for a complete end-to-end workflow and accuracy analysis.

Keywords: Camera Calibration, data processing,

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