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By: Microdea  09-12-2011
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On a regular basis Microdea comes across clients that have previously purchased a document management solution, and now want to convert to the Synergize solution.

Typically clients convert to Synergize for the following reasons:

Too Expensive to Maintain or Own

Synergize has a proven track record and it has been consistently shown that Synergize has one of the lowest costs of ownership. When one starts to compute the amount of IT resources, consistent retraining and never ending babysitting required of many competing products, it becomes quickly apparent that the costs of ownership to the organization either outweigh or significantly reduce the operational savings that the system is contributing to the organization. Synergize is highly scalable, uses standard infrastructure that your IT staff understand and includes a complete set of graphical management tools.

Lack of Integration

Straight out of the box, Synergize ships with a very full and feature rich set of API's all based on the industry standard SOAP protocols. This makes it possible and easy for just about any developer to build sophisticated integrations between the robust document management capabilities of Synergize and existing ERP, CRM and other systems.

For mainframe, AS400, I Series and Unix integrations Synergize also includes sophisticated XML messaging based integration to ensure reliable bi-directional integration and reduce the reliance on flaky screen scrape technology.

Uncooperative Vendor

Microdea works hard with client to install and configure their Synergize implementations to ensure that clients gain maximum solution benefits. We consistently work to add features and enhancements to Synergize in response to client needs to ensure that the solution meets the users expectations. A business is built one client at a time!

Uncertain product future

The Synergize solution is 100% non-proprietary. There is no client lock-in and database encryption. With a published road map and over 14 years industry experience and expertise, clients can be confident that if Microdea was no longer able to provide service, your business would not suffer any exposure, disruption of service or vulnerability.

Exorbitant support and annual costs

All Synergize systems are covered by end-to-end comprehensive support agreements. Virtually everything, whether upgrades (from any to any version), configuration assistance, setup or redeployment is covered under the same standard support agreement. This way our clients are able to easily budget their costs and can relax knowing that each time they call or reach out for support or questions, Microdea staff are able to help and provide answers at no incremental cost.

Internal developers no longer around

Organizations from time to time attempt to build "simple" internal ECM solutions. This usually starts with the "all we need is a simple solution to.." and ends with an enormous feature rich but often poorly maintainable custom one-off solution. At which point the organization becomes vulnerable to staff leaving and future changes become increasingly costly and difficult to integrate. Further as industry regulations and compliance laws change, staying up-to-date with  these needs places a huge drain on development resources and forces the organization to operate outside of its core competency.


With Synergize there are flexible licensing options, and a rich feature set built right into the core offering. An apples to apples comparison will quickly reveal that Synergize is an affordable cost effective departmental solution as well as an excellent enterprise capable solution. Scalability, security and robustness are built right into the core product. 

No matter whether you need to upgrade from a simple, underperforming or overly complex and costly solution, or from an uncooperative or no longer in business vendor, we promise you a lossless and straight forward conversion.

Microdea would like you to take the time to talk to one of our many satisfied customers and find out how we are different. Contact us at 905.881.6071 ext 244 or

Keywords: Document Management

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document management software workflow synergize overview

Synergize from Microdea is a transformative business technology; it is the catalyst by which people, paper and processes are brought into harmony so that documents can be managed in a consistent, accurate and cost-effective manner. Document scanning and imaging converts all paper documents into electronic images which together with existing electronic documents are then stored in a central data repository.