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By: Inovita  09-12-2011

A basic group of products that are sugar infused, or fibre infused to reduce sugar and calories. This basic group will be positioned as category changing products in the packaged fruit snacks category. The differentiating product attributes are: superior eating quality; healthy eating compared to most snack foods; minimally processed with no preservatives; more convenient and stable than fresh fruit; and priced to signify quality and offer value compared to other healthy snacks.

A functionally enhanced group of products fortified with functional ingredients targeted at treating or preventing specific conditions and diseases. The functionally enhanced group will be positioned as a new product category for health food stores and the health food sections of grocery chains. The differentiating attributes are: eating quality; natural delivery of health benefits; convenient daily dose packaging for on the go attainment of recommended daily intake of the active ingredients.

These products do not require refrigeration or freezing and are therefore ideal for merchandising in health food stores and related health centres.