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By: Innovatics  09-12-2011
Keywords: Platforms, Specialized Skills

Core Capabilities and Skills

Innovatics provides superb cross-discipline expertise, combined with superior ability to deliver. We have delivered systems to well known financial institutions, high technology companies, and telecommunications providers, among others.

Current Technologies

We specialize in N-tier enterprise systems developed using Java, JDBC, JSP, and Swing, combined with Oracle, DB2, Sybase, or the popular open source databases on the back end such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.

This choice of technologies has been proven to be flexible and powerful enough to implement all new enterprise systems, or to replace virtually any legacy system with which we have dealt.

Because these are mainstream technologies, you will not struggle to support them in the future, whether you contract with us or you choose to take maintenance in-house.

We also have proven expertise in many other current and useful technologies:

  • Windows server and workstation
  • Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS/X, FreeBSD
  • Toolkits: Servlets, JSP, Swing, AWT, JDBC, SOAP, AJAX
  • Libraries: STL, ATLAS Math Library, Expat
  • Application Servers: Tomcat, Apache, Jetty, OrionServer
  • Databases: Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, Sybase, SunGard's FAME, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Source Control: SVN, CVS, CMVC, Clearcase, QVCS

Reengineering Capability

Because Innovatics has been an active participant in systems development since the early days of client/server, we have deep experience with some popular systems in which our clients have a heavy investment of time and manpower.

We do the following kinds of reengineering and refactoring:

  • Refactoring code bases for higher quality and to address specific issues (such as performance)
  • Redesign using modern tools for increased maintainability
  • Redesign to new platforms - typically from the desktop to the web

Please check out

to see why our approach is superior.

We make a particular effort to retain the human investment in legacy systems when we re-architect your system to a modern, stable platform such as Java, Servlets, and Swing.

We have experience with several popular systems, including older 4GLs and proprietary language and database platforms:

  • Languages: PowerBuilder, Smalltalk, Visual Basic 6.0 (and earlier), FORTE 4GL
  • 4GLs: FAME by SunGard
  • Operating systems: Solaris, HP-UX, and even MS-DOS
  • Miscellaneous: CMVC (IBM's Version Control System), CORBA distributed object technology

Collaboration and Teamwork

Innovatics will gladly team with select outside providers to complete large projects that require specialized skills outside of our core competencies.

And we team with your own people, too. Inserting a consulting team into the workplace can be potentially stressful and harmful to morale if not handled well. We solve the technical problem at hand without damaging the local culture. Innovatics has worked positively through some potentially adverse situations that have arisen during past projects. The end result we strive for is happy and satisfied managers and employees.

We have a simple but persistent set of core values:

  • Respect for your staff and their viewpoint
  • Appreciation of the domain knowledge your people bring to the table
  • Clear communication at all times as necessary to place everyone on the same page
  • More than code handoff: we gladly teach, train, mentor, and instill vital knowledge and best practices so that your staff benefits in all ways from the relationship

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Keywords: Platforms, Specialized Skills