Compact Fluorescent Lamps

By: Holophane  09-12-2011
Keywords: Lighting, Lumen Maintenance

CFL Lamp Sources

A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) provides an exceptional energy saving alternative over traditional incandescent lamps.   In comparison to incandescent lamps, CFLs have a longer rated life (usually over 8,000 hours) and use less energy. 

While fixtures utilizing CFL Lamp sources are not designed to provide as exceptional distributions or intense lumen packages as HID replacements, they do offer instant-on, hot restrike, emergency lighting capability, and increased CRI over (most) HID lamp sources.  Additionally CFL lamps run cooler than HID fixtures putting less strain on air conditioning systems.  Combined with their high lumen maintenance both these features increase overall energy savings.

CFL lamps produce a more natural lighting effect having a high color rendering index (CRI), providing comfortable even illumination light with minimal shadowing and no stroboscopic effects. 

Because CFL Lamp sources are now available with electronic ballasts, this removes most of the flickering and slow starting traditionally associated with fluorescent lighting.  Fixtures having multiple point sources of light within each luminaire reduce the glare often associated with standard HID high-bay fixtures.  If one lamp goes out, others remain lit ensuring customers or products are not left in the dark. 

Multiple point sources also allow for stepped dimming of individual pairs of lamps that can be turned off to lower light levels and reduce energy consumption.

Keywords: Lighting, Lumen Maintenance

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