By: Hollings  09-12-2011

Client requirements are discussed initially - without obligation - and a written engagement letter is submitted. This includes the terms of reference of the assignment and an estimate of consulting fees, usually expressed as a range with a maximum that will not be exceeded without our client's express consent. At appropriate intervals we will advise of progress through interim discussions or reports so that our clients are assured of receiving the services that they expect throughout the engagement.

We prefer to work with client staff as much as possible so as to provide an element of training and at the same time minimize the consulting time and therefore fees required to implement our recommendations.

When we are involved in the installation of new systems we work hard to help our client achieve self-sufficiency as quickly as possible. Both staff training and good user documentation figure prominently in this philosophy.

Our HALcare service gives our clients the option of engaging us on a monthly retainer basis over a fixed period of time (usually a year) at rates below our standard charge-out rates. An important feature of HALcare arrangement is that we guarantee that we will "be there when you need us" - within defined response times for telephone and on-site support.