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By: Gea Phe Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Heat Exchangers, Condenser, Plate Heat Exchangers

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Looking for the right brazed plate heat exchanger?  You’ve come to the right place, home of the world's leading group of brazed plate heat exchangers, including FlatPlate® copper and nickel brazed products.  Whether specifier, OEM, wholesaler or contractor you’ve found the best and most complete line of brazed plate heat exchangers in the world!

New Series for Hydronic, Refrigeration and Industrial OEM applications.


  • GP Series - Gas-to-Fluid Heat Recovery
  • OC - Oil Cooler
  • SEP Series - Gas Dryer with Integral Separator
  • FPA – Thermosiphon Oil Coolers (and water cooled).  30,000 to 1.8 million BTUH.
  • CHAF – Flooded Thermosiphon Evaporators. 1 to 160 tons.
  • CHA – Direct Expansion Evaporators. 1-160 tons.
  • CA – Condensers/Floor Warmers. 1-200 tons.
  • SCA – Economizer/Subcooler.  1-130 tons.
  • FP – Copper Brazed Stainless. ½ to 600 gpm.
  • FPN – Nickel Brazed Stainless. ½ to 200 gpm.
  • DW – Vented Double Wall, Copper Brazed Stainless.
  • MPN – Nickel Brazed Industrial Grade Stainless.  ½ to 200 gpm.

Whether Ammonia, R410A, R404a, R407c or any of the ever-changing family of refrigerants, count on our brazed plate heat exchangers to do the job, better performing and smaller than anything else out there.

  • CH – Direct Expansion Evaporators, Copper Brazed Stainless. ½ to 160 tons
  • CHN – Direct Expansion Evaporators, Nickel Brazed Stainless. ½ to 160 tons. 
  • C – Condenser/Heat Pump, Copper Brazed Stainless. ½ to 160 tons. 1,2 or 4 refrigerant circuits.
  • MCN – Industrial Condenser, Nickel Brazed Industrial Grade Stainless. ½ to 80 tons
  • SC – Subcooler, Copper Brazed Stainless. 1 to 120 tons.
  • Insulation Kit – Pre-cut, pre-glued kits that install easily.
  • Mounting  Bracket – Take advantage of the mounting studs for faster installation.
  • “Y”-Strainer – Protect your investment and reduce downtime.
  • Zinc Anode – Sacrificial anode where galvanic corrosion potential exists.
  • Companion Flange – Quick and easy mating to your existing piping.

Keywords: Condenser, Heat Exchangers, Plate Heat Exchangers