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By: Esna  09-12-2011
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"Interaction with all support staff far exceeded the support normally obtained from other vendors."

Esnatech's Professional Services team is focused on assisting UC Partners and end-users with the implementation of Unified Communication Solutions to rapidly achieve the benefits of an efficient, successful product rollout for both end-users and UC resellers.

Business advantages include timely release-to-market—increasing the probability of successful product deployments with the initial key customers and the reduced cost-of-ownership of the product rollout.

esnatech Professional Services include:

  • Training and certification classes—a series of online and regional certification classes for both VAR and end-users that can be offered to your customers
  • Network Audit—provides a detailed audit to identify the environment and its level of completion for unified messaging. The audit will identify missing items and requirements to prepare your network for unified messaging deployment (remote/online)
  • Network Unified Messaging Preparation—hourly service to upgrade your network to the level identified in the network audit (remote/online)
  • End-user deployment and installation (online)
  • Extensive end-user training (online)

Esnatech's Professional Services team is dedicated to providing quality installations for our customers

As a result, the Touch2Cut (T2C) program has been created with the intention to provide our customers with the best possible deployment options designed to minimize installation time, increased productivity, reduced carbon footprint and higher profitability for every installed system. In our overall effort to "Talk Green" we have looked at how we can minimize travel and unecessary consumption to accommodate customer requirements for proper application deployment. (See T2C Program tab at the top of the page for more information)

esnatech’s Professional Services Team is dedicated to providing quality installations for our customers

The Touch2Cut (T2C) program has been created with the intention to provide our customers with the best possible deployment options. Minimizing installation time, increasing productivity, reducing our carbon footprint—all result in higher profitability of every installed system. In our overall efforts to “Talk Green” we have looked at how we can minimize travel and unnecessary consumption to accommodate customer requirements for proper application deployment.

Esnatech is offering 3 simple packages that are both cost effective and easier to order. Simply choose the one that best fits your needs and contact your account manager to book your installation.

Benefits of the Touch2Cut Program

  • Esna Partner has the option to pick the Engineer (based on availability) they would like for their project
  • Touch 2 Cut registered sites get priority queue status and access to the priority support queue
  • Fixed installation costs to eliminate over or under estimates on deployment time

From the time the technician receives the UC server, to the time that the system is cut over they will receive priority support. Technical support will remotely assist in the complete installation of an Esnatech UC system. Also any calls for support will be directed to the T2C support tech and go to the front of the line in the queue.

Setup Details

Scheduling has to be done at least 1 time per week in advance and a support tech will be assigned to the site. When requesting this service, Esna partners will be able to select their top 3 choices for a support tech. Based on scheduling we will assign a support tech to the case.

Esnatech is offering 3 simple packages that are both cost-effective and easier to order. Simply choose the one that best fits your needs and fillout the T2C Order Form to book your installation.

Silver Package ($1240)

  • Voice mail to install and integration
  • Business hours
  • Multilingual setup
  • Mailbox import
  • One UC Client Manager Installation
  • Fax mail setup
  • Up to two voice menus

Gold Package ($1694)

  • All services in the Silver Package +
  • Outbound faxing
  • Two additional UC Client Manager Installations
  • One outbound fax desktop setup

Platinum Package ($2360)

  • All services included in the Gold Package +
  • Multi-tenanting
  • Installation of secure messaging client (Webmail)
  • One customized TUI setup

How do you rate your overall experience with esnatech's Technical Support department?

Here are the results from our team of certified Esnatech Partners:
  • 88% voted "Outstanding"
  • 9% voted "Very Good"
  • 3% voted "Good"
Our products change the way businesses communicate, and our service speaks for itself!

"Interaction with all support staff far exceeded the support normally obtained from other vendors."

"The information flow and activity was excellent, requested information was clearly defined."

"Thanks for the experience. You were able to show me exactly what the server was doing and that made it easy to see the problem."

"Always a pleasure to call and the solutions are fast, and they always work!"

Contacting Technical Support

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri, 7am - 7pm [EST]

Important Resources

Emergency Information:

Extended notification service is available for emergencies after hours. A Technical Support Engineer is always on call within these hours, and your call will be returned within the hour.

Non-Emergency Information

Sometimes an installer wishes to perform the installation outside of these hours and wishes that Technical Support be made available upon demand. In this instance, esnatech requires 48 hours notice in order to have somebody available, and a charge may apply for the after hours service.

Before Calling For Technical Support

  1. Have your PIN number ready
  2. Make sure that the problem being reported can be reproduced
  3. If the problem is intermittent try to determine if the problem is traffic or port related
  4. Make sure all cable connections are secure

To expedite a solution to the problem, gather the following information about the site:

  1. Sentinel number
  2. Which product platform are you calling about (exact version number)
  3. Number of ports
  4. Type of integration used
  5. Telephone system manufacturer, model and software version
  6. Original installation date of the system
  7. Any recent changes to the telephone system or the voice mail system
  8. Procedures for accessing the modem (such as telephone system extension number, mailbox number etc.)
  9. Extension numbers of the voice mail ports

EASE is a web portal specifically designed to streamline the support process involving the Office-LinX line of products. Each user who is assigned an EASE account will be able to keep track of their site(s) and also have instant access to all the cases (tickets) associated with the site(s). This allows the users to keep track of open issues instantly, rather than having to rely on customer service or support staff to receive updates or information regarding the cases.

EASE also contains a large knowledge base of answers to your potential site issues. You can easily search through the entire knowledge base or view popular entries which may be relevant to many sites. By having access to the entire support cycle through the web interface, you will be able to streamline your support process by having freedom of access. There is no need for you to be tied to a support telephone call when you can easily submit and view all your cases online.

Each participant is equipped with a PBX and unified messaging system to ensure a simulated work environment. Participants receive the appropriate hands-on experience to effectively work with lab exercises and identify a range of real-time support and installation scenarios. Our professional instructors bring years of industry knowledge and provide a balance of concepts, hands-on exercises and real work experience to ensure the knowledge is retained and can be transferred back at the work place.

Our Training Team understands the importance of interacting with the participant in the class and involving the participant in the learning process through proven training techniques. Our classes consist of interactive conceptual overviews, reviews, post training Q&A forums and real life case studies to create a stimulating and dynamic learning experience. As an ongoing commitment to quality and service, Esnatech provides certification courses to our partners and dealers. The certification process ensures the highest standards are consistently met and technicians are equipped with the product knowledge and skills to successfully support and effectively train others.

Esnatech offers both online and in-class technical and end-user training. Online training is a timely and cost-effective way for dealers to expand their technician's skill set. Eliminating the need for time-consuming travel, online training sessions enable dealers to maximize the effectiveness of their most important asset - their people!

esnatech's eLearning portal offers extensive training materials that cover our Unified Communication solution, along with other necessary supplemental materials. Upon completion of your lesson there will be an online exam that you are required to take prior to receiving your certification.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Communication Solutions

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