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By: Esna  09-12-2011
Keywords: Messaging, speech recognition, Speech Technology

Through features such as multilingual speech-enabled auto attendant, unified messaging, mobility, fax mail and presence management support—Esnatech platforms offer a myriad of options for enterprise users to retrieve and manage all their business communications. Fully supporting both an organization's existing telephone environment and a new IP-based telephony solution—Esnatech platforms are designed to interface with a range of messaging systems (including Octel) using industry standard networking protocols (VPIM, IMAP and AMIS).

Our Mobility solutions leverage speech technology from Nuance to deliver anywhere access to live communications

Presence promises to change user behavior as callers come to depend on knowing the availability of someone they want to contact in advance of initiating a call

A SIP-based Meet-Me Conference Server that integrates conferencing services into your organization

Text messaging is one of the most useful productivity tools to evolve in the business community this decade. With Text messaging we have the ability to send a message string out to the lowest common denominator… a cell phone.

Our applications are the SIP based glue that allow you to truly Unify live communications with SaaS based platforms delivering an even GREATER ROI with minimal infrastructure and foot print to traditional unified communications deployments

Business interruptions, lasting days or even hours can damage your reputation and cause your customers to switch to your competitors. Find out how companies with proven Esnatech business continuity plans use the best technology to prepare for the worst

Esnatech's line of vertical solutions provide businesses with the advantages of the current vertical workflow and Esnatech's extensive expertise in specific vertical markets. With Esnatech, companies can capitalize on new opportunities and the changing dynamics of the market with focused, field-tested, reliable solutions

A real-time CTI application that provides users with IP access to the Office-LinX™ server. Users get real-time call control and information from any IP access point. UC Client Manager lets the Office-LinX™ server know where the user is and gives them instant access to all their office communications.

To better support mobile users, Office-LinX™ has a wireless client that works on Pocket PC and Symbian OS-enabled devices: UCMobile. UCMobile communicates with the UC server via TCP/IP (GPRS, WiFi).

The ASR module for our Office-LinX™ Unified Communication platform uses advanced Speech Recognition technology provided by Nuance®. An industry leader in Speech Recognition, Nuance deploys the largest number of speech-enabled systems around the world.

The most powerful argument for using TTS technology in the Telecom world is the advantage of reducing costs and expediting development by supplanting human recordings. By using TTS prompts, an organization can reduce staffing requirements while improving the speed and quality of customer service.

Office-LinX PMS module (INNtegration) can be integrated with any hotel's property management system to deliver unique voice mail services to hotel guests.

This utility is used as a deployment tool that enables an existing LDAP directory (active directory in Windows® 2000) to be imported and replicated to the Office-LinX™ enterprise voice server platform.

Office-LinX™ unified communication platform offers a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) interface to their WebClient that is fully synchronized with the enterprise edition GroupWare solution.

Keywords: Communication Platform, Messaging, speech recognition, Speech Technology, Unified Communication Platform

Other products and services from Esna


Esnatech Mobility

Corporations with customer-intensive operations are demanding simpler and more cost-effective mobile connectivity solutions that streamline daily business processes and enable access to employees and resources. Esnatech's proven award-winning Office-LinX Mobility application empowers your business and employees with a live connection to any wireless device in the market.


Esnatech Cloud Apps

Esnatech's award-winning unified communication platform not only delivers integrated Mobility, Unified Messaging and Presence to your existing phone system and business applications, but it also provides rich and seamless integration with SaaS based solutions, with Cloud based infrastructure such as Google™ Apps and


Esnatech Industry Solutions

IM has emerged as an essential application in the financial services industry, where brokers and underwriters have come to rely on the technology to stay in touch with customers and each other in an industry where information moves markets and timing is everything.


Esnatech Office-LinX 8.2

We have a commitment to the continuous advancement of our Office-LinX platform, ensuring that we bring new, high-value features and functionality to our customers. Office-LinX 8.2 is designed to accommodate and assist Communication Enabled Business Processes and business work-flows with on-premise and cloud infrastructure. UC mobile client for the new mobile platform, available on the Windows Phone Marketplace.


Esnatech Legacy Migration

Help your enterprise migrate to IP telephony at your own pace by integrating with over 250 PBXs and multiple PBXs, IP-PBXs and Centrex simultaneously. Greetings and messages to a new supportable application platform that meets the current and future telephony infrastructure. Take advantage of your investment in virtualization and migrate to the Esnatech Office-LinX application server.


Esnatech Services and Support

As a result, the Touch2Cut program has been created with the intention to provide our customers with the best possible deployment options designed to minimize installation time, increased productivity, reduced carbon footprint and higher profitability for every installed system.