Esnatech Office-LinX 8.2

By: Esna  09-12-2011
Keywords: Messaging, Voice Messaging

Office-LinX™ 8.2 release provides fax and voice messaging integration with cloud and network folders. This release supports the movement of fax and voice messages to any shared network folder or cloud-based Google™ Docs folder. Office-LinX 8.2 is designed to accommodate and assist Communication Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) and business work-flows with on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

"We have a commitment to the continuous advancement of our Office-LinX platform, ensuring that we bring new, high-value features and functionality to our customers. The new fax and document management capabilities in version 8.2 will provide customers with the ability to develop even more productive business work-flows." —Davide Petramala, VP Sales and Marketing, Esnatech

Office-LinX version 8.2 addresses specific enterprise requirements around communication and collaboration technology including:

Fax and Voice Messaging Integration with Google Docs

  • Support for "moving" message content and attachments (fax and voice) to UNC file path (local disk or network) and cloud-based Google Doc folders
  • Configured on a per-user basis

Mobile Web Client

  • Office-LinX user portal optimized for mobile browsers
  • Enables configuration of user settings, locations, update on fax job status, and more from a mobile device browser

UC for Windows Phone 7

  • UC mobile client for the new mobile platform, available on the Windows Phone Marketplace
  • Utilizes dynamic web services to connect to Office-LinX server

UC Mobile Faxing

  • Support UC integrated faxing from mobile device, fax e-mail attachments or other files managed through local file managers
  • Apple iOS 4 only (iPhone and iPad) supported at release
  • Rich Presence (CTI) Validation with the following Phone Systems
    • Avaya IP Office 500 6.1 and 7.0 (SIP Trunking and TAPI CTI)
    • ShoreTel ShoreGear platform (SIP Trunking and TAPI CTI) 11.1

Office-LinX 8.2 allows Esnatech to expand its already sizable palette of features available to mobile and desktop users. With features such as mobile web client, and mobile faxing; users are able to communicate and interact with their clients efficiently from any location, with core business resources available to them right on their mobile device. The launch of UC mobile client for Windows Phone 7 enables Esnatech to provide full UC capabilities to all major platforms including; Windows Mobile, Applie iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, Symbian and Google Android.

As a budget-conscious unified communications package, it features automated attendant, Basic Unified Messaging, fax server support, Web Assistant, CTI functionality, instant messaging and wireless paging.

Access your messages conveniently from virtually any communication device, including office telephones, cell phones, PDAs, PCs, or any web browser – regardless of the incoming message type (i.e. voice, fax, e-mail). For example, by using SBE’s built-in text-to-speech services, you’ll be able listen to e-mails, voice mails and direct fax messaging – and respond to all communications in either text or speech format. Our Small Business Edition offers all of the benefits of the regular Office-LinX platform, but is better suited to meet the needs of small business.

Keywords: Messaging, Voice Messaging

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