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By: Esna  09-12-2011
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Take advantage of your investment in virtualization and migrate to the Esnatech Office-LinX application server. The Office-LinX application server can be deployed in your existing virtual environment and replace your dedicated servers and aging technology in voice messaging, auto attendant, IVR, fax and call trees with one single licensed solution.

Customer Issue:

Solution: Migrate users, greetings and messages to a new supportable application platform that meets the current and future telephony infrastructure.

If you have an Octel system, you are probably aware that Avaya has announced the end of manufacturer support. If you would like to upgrade to the latest technology, Esnatech can help.. and with less user disruption than anyone else.

Esnatech Offers:

  • Full migration of your users and messages
  • OCTel Serenade and Aria TUI (Telephone User Interface)
  • Generous trade-in credits
  • All of the new features and capabilities available
  • A highly experienced team of global Esnatech Partners, exclusively focused on messaging migration

Want to add Unified Communication functions and features without a huge learning curve or infrastructure investment?

We can help

Office-LinX™ is a highly scalable application platform for mid to large-size enterprise, government and campus environments. It provides a robust, seamless migration path from Octel and other legacy systems to a platform that can grow with you! Flatten, consolidate and simplify your messaging infrastructure with Esnatech's Office-LinX application suite.

Replace, Renew, Improve

  • Seamless replacement of legacy caller applications vital to your business
  • Minimize end user disruption with the Office-LinX’s telephone interface emulator that can be configured to support any legacy voice mail platform on the fly with its drag-and-drop TUI emulator
  • Offer enhanced messaging with real-time call control features like single number reach, Find Me/Follow Me, Call Announce, FMC, Mobile client, and Call Screening
  • Future proof your investment—our WEB 2.0 framework is open, standards-based, and can be used to create custom integrations to meet your unique requirements such as cloud and Google Apps integration

Legacy Voice Mail Migration Technology

Many IT professionals today are advocating the replacement of older systems that don't support the mobile work force and are based on obsolete proprietary platforms or technology. Others, unfortunately, continue to bear the burden of the increased maintenance and support costs of legacy systems that simply do not integrate with new technologies within the organization, nor meet the needs of the modern enterprise.

Octel Replacement and Enhancement

Office-LinX allows customers to migrate and replace aging voicemail platforms such as Octel Aria and Sierra. Customers get all the functionality and usability of their old systems with the added benefit of many new communications, collaboration applications and features such as find me/follow me, voice messages and fax to email. New locations can be added and organizations managing and servicing multiple Octel platforms can flatten and consolidate their messaging into a single, highly available, Geo-redundant Esnatech application server—dramatically lowering annual maintenance costs and management.

Avaya recently announced product transition plans for Octel Aria and Serenade systems. It is important to know your options as you consider your move away from these systems. In looking at Esnatech’s Open Communications and Collaboration platform, did you know:

  • Office-LinX has an optional Octel Aria® and Octel Serenade/VMX telephone user interface (TUI). It can be configured system wide, by organizational unit, or even by user.
  • Office-LinX integrates within AMIS and VPIM networks allowing phased replacement of Octel systems.
  • Office-LinX is PBX independent, integrating with over 250 traditional and IP phone systems individually or at the same time
  • Office-LinX provides improved system administration through an easy to use Windows® application, available across a LAN or WAN environment.
  • Esnatech has over 20 years of messaging experience.
  • Office-LinX supports full virtualization through VMware enabling organization to virtualize all their core voice applications, like: Auto attendant, Voice mail, IVR and Fax
  • Esnatech has an install-base of over 10,000 customers worldwide.
  • Scale from 4 to 800 ports on distributed architecture, uniquely delivering a "future-proofed" single solution, regardless of the evolving geographic footprint of your enterprise.
  • Deliver solutions on a user-by-user basis, such as voice mail, unified messaging, unified communications users, IVR, fax and speech-based mobility solutions.
  • Help your enterprise migrate to IP telephony at your own pace by integrating with over 250 PBXs and multiple PBXs, IP-PBXs and Centrex simultaneously.

Centrex Users Migrating to UC

Office-LinX provides organizations with a flexible messaging solution to meet the current demands of office and mobile employees.

Esnatech Office-LinX:

  • Can be configured to use either analog lines or T1 circuits for the Centrex voice connections
  • Is capable of connecting to multiple Centrex systems simulatineously
  • Can be used to support both a Centrex integration and an integration to an on-site telephone system, including VoIP

Keywords: application server, Messaging

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