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By: Dr. Allan Horowitz & Associates  09-12-2011

Services provided

At our office we offer a full range of traditional chiropractic services, acupuncture therapy, orthotic therapy, as well as most physiotherapy services. We can arrange for you to have an X-ray, MRI, or CT, even offering same day, weekend, or evening appointments for these services.

Exercise and rehabilitation therapy and prescriptions
We will assess your injury or area of complaint and prescribe specific exercises (with pictures and explanations) that can be done at home to speed healing, increase flexibility, improve strength, and prevent re-injury.

X-ray, MRI, CT services available
We will arrange for an immediate x-ray to be taken at a local x-ray laboratory where state of the art equipment will be used to evaluate your condition. MRI and CT exams of the spine and/or extremities are arranged through our contacts in Buffalo, N.Y. Weekend and evening appointments can be arranged for those who need them. Medical radiologists will then read the scans and fax us an immediate report. You will not have to wait for a doctor's appointment or wait for hours in an emergency room. As soon as the results are available you will be notified and these results will be discussed with you.

Spinal and non-spinal joint manipulation
Joint manipulation increases the flexibility and range of motion in the joint. It breaks down scar tissue, improves blood flow, stretches muscles, and speeds healing. These benefits may result in the slowing of the natural degenerative changes which affect joints as we age.

Spinal and non-spinal joint mobilization
Joint mobilization is a way to gently move the joint through a range of pain-free motion in order to improve flexibility and blood flow. A joint that has been mobilized moves more freely and with less pain.

Muscle and soft tissue stretching
Stretching the muscles and connective tissues increases ranges of motion in the areas that have been stretched. Improved blood flow, less scar tissue, repairing of damaged and torn muscle and tendon fibres, and less pain are just some of the many benefits of this therapy.

Lumbar inversion traction
Relieves pressure from muscles, joints, and discs in the spine. The patient "hangs" upside down on a fully supported device that allows spinal stretching without placing any stress on any other body part.

Lumbar ambulatory traction
Can help relieve symptoms of disc herniation. A revolutionary treatment which is very beneficial for certain patients with disc herniation. The patient is placed in the device and then walks for 20 minutes while the device constantly opens the disc spaces to relieve the pressure on the spinal nerves.

Cervical overhead traction
Can help to remove pressure from the discs and joints in the neck. The patient has his/her head placed in a "sling-like" device that is allowed to stretch the neck gently while a weighted bag gently pulls in the opposite direction.

Therapeutic Ultrasound
Pain relief, reduces muscle spasms, reduces joint contractures by producing a deep heat with micro-vibration.

Laser Therapy
Low-level laser therapy, also termed photo-biostimulation, is simply defined as light exciting or activating cells. The photons (light as it travels in bundles) from the laser device penetrates deep into tissue, about 3 inches, without causing heat or tissue damage. Laser therapy heals at a cellular level. It's like shining a ray of sunlight directly on injured cells inside the body and stimulating the cells to return to normal function.

Electrical Simulation
Reduces muscle spasm, prevents or slows muscle atrophy due to disuse, improves local blood circulation, re-educates muscles after injury, improves muscular strength, increases ranges of joint motion.

Hydrocollator Applications
Moist heat increases blood circulation and reduces muscle spasm and tension.

Interferential Current
Reduces acute and chronic pain and swelling, helps to decrease muscle spasm, spasticity, and weakness, and generally improves healing and speeds healing time.

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