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By: Commtech Link  09-12-2011
Keywords: Ethernet


The Link Tester 25 from Psiber Data System provides LAN Installers and Maintainers a tool to quickly test Fast Ethernet (100baseTX) and Standard Ethernet (10baseT) Links. The Model 25 decodes Link signals and displays the exact configuration of the equipment connected to the Link, verifies the Link connectivity to the far end, tests for reported faults and determines correct polarity of the outlet or cable. In addition, the Link Tester 25 transmits Link signal for identifying the hub switch port connected to the outlet being tested. When no Link signals are detected, it automatically generates a tone signal for tracing cable runs with a standard tone probe. The Model 25 warns the users of potential duplex mode mismatch when a hub, switch or NIC is transmitting a Link signal with an ambiguous duplex mode. Knowing equipment configuration and capabilities are essential to optimizing network system performance.


Outlet Identifier The New LinkTester 30 Outlet Identifier from Psiber Data Systems provides Installers and Maintainers a tool to quickly test that an outlet is "live" and identify the type of telecom or LAN equipment connected to the outlet. Connecting equipment to an unknown outlet can damage the installed device due to incompatible voltage and current levels. The Model 30 reduces time spent on Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) by verifying physical layer and hub/switch ports available for reassignment. The LinkTester 30 is an essential tool for maintaining networks containing both Ethernet and Token Ring devices. Standard Ethernet or Fast Ethernet Links are identified and equipment support for 10/100 Auto-negotiation is displayed. Token Ring testing includes insertion into the ring and measuring required current levels. Telecom systems and LANs can now be supported with a single tool.

Keywords: Ethernet