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Natural health and healing through education, training and treatments

Acupuncture has become a popular treatment practiced by many Eastern and Western doctors/practitioners for pain relief. In addition, it can be an effective therapy for various acute and chronic conditions.

It involves the insertion of fine, sterilized, disposable needles at specific points along the energy channels.

The needles stimulate and regulate the flow of qi (chi or vital life energy) to remove any stagnation and restore health.

Nutrition is essential to restoring and maintaining good health.

Based on the theory and philosophy of Oriental medicine, certain types of foods are recommended to be consumed or avoided to aid in healing a particular individual based on their constitution and other lifestyle factors. 

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The characteristics of this healing art involve using..

1. Pressure on acupuncture points and              meridians to balance, energize or calm the internal organs.

2. Chi energy through mental focus to remove the stagnation of energy, blood or body fluids from the diseased area of the body.

3. Gentle tuina manipulations (part of traditional Chinese medicine) to soften the muscles, dissolve knots and relieve pain.

If you are not sure what you need but have health-related concerns, make an appointment for a diagnostic consultation.

Diagnostic consultations begin with a diagnosis of your situation based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Once the cause of your issues is identified, the right solution becomes apparent. This may include proper exercise, proper treatments and/or a change in diet.

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