David Burkes - Chartered Accountant - estate

By: Burkes  09-12-2011


David Burke's Estate and Personal financial planning services focuses on developing tax efficient strategies that allow wealth to be transferred.

Services include:

  • Estate planning, including "estate freezes", to ensure that the impact of taxation on asset transfers is minimized
  • Family budgeting and planning to meet future financial goals,
  • Co-ordinating with other professionals to ensure that your specific needs are met, and
  • Resolving estate beneficiary disputes.

We work with you to develop a plan and thereafter assist with its implementation — (focusing on the achievement of your goals).

Other products and services from Burkes


David Burkes - Chartered Accountant - business consult

We work hard to understand your business and bring our specific industry knowledge, as well as our financial and tax expertise to the table to help you manage and grow your business. Assisting management in negotiations with banks and other lenders, Revenue Canada, and business vendors and purchasers. Focused on your goals, our objective is to see that you succeed. Preparation of multi-year business cash flows and projections.


David Burkes - Chartered Accountant - accounting

The preparation of business plans, cash flow projections and other special reports for financial institutions, landlords, etc. We help you implement systems that allow you to manage your business more efficiently and effectively. We offer a variety of services to help you identify and address business challenges and opportunities. Review of internal control and management information systems to highlight areas for improvement.


David Burkes - Chartered Accountant - personal

David Burkes' tax professionals understand changing tax laws and regulations and can assist you in developing solutions consistent with your objectives. Implementing tax strategies that ensure that taxation charges are minimized and/or deferred. Determining when incorporation is possible and appropriate. We offer a full range of tax services including. Ensuring compliance with complex taxation rules. Advising on the Goods and Services Tax.


David Burkes - Chartered Accountant - forensic

Working closely with counsel, we employ our skills in financial analysis, economics, business valuation, auditing, actuarial science and taxation to identify and quantify the issues under consideration clearly and concisely. Our analysis, expert testimony and written reports bring experience, independence and objectivity - all of which enhance the quality and credibility of a client's case.


David Burkes - Chartered Accountant - business val

Our mission is to provide superior quality professional services, which facilitate and expedite the dispute resolution process, on time and on a cost effective basis. Our Litigation Services professionals have experience providing credible testimony in litigation and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.


David Burkes - Chartered Accountant - audit

Our clients include daycare centres, independent healthcare centres, artist-run centres, homeless shelters, independent magazines, film distributors, and community centres. David Burkes C.A. is recognized as one of the leading accounting/audit firms providing accounting and auditing services for the not-for-profit sector.