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By: La Source Labs  09-12-2011
Keywords: hair removal, Jar, Sugar Paste

Product Size
1 kg / 35 oz. jar FIRM
  1 kg / 35 oz. jar REGULAR
  1 kg / 35 oz. jar SOFT
473 ml / 16 oz bottle
473 ml / 16 oz bottle
237 ml/ 8 oz. bottle
397 gms / 14 oz. jar
Warmers Product warmer
Latex Gloves Extra small, Small, Medium
Nitrile Gloves Extra small, Small, Medium

Combining an ancient recipe with modern manufacturing methods has created a highly consistent, quality hand sugar paste. A truly professional approach to hair removal has made La Source Labs Sugar Paste the highlight of this line of products. The paste is a 1 kg/35 oz. jar and available in three consistencies: Firm; Regular; Soft.

Clean Skin is very gentle and mild, leaves the skin soft and clean without residue. Our gentle cleanser is oil and perfume free. It is formulated to clean away all dirt, make-up and natural skin oils before a sugaring service.

Skin Toner mist spray, is excellent for use with the sugaring paste treatments. Prime select botanicals are blended to comfort the skin and prevent bacteria from entering the skin pores. Toner can be used every day to keep skin fresh, clean and hydrated. Skin Toner is a 237 ml/8 oz. bottle

Pure Talc, chemical free powder for use on clean skin before a professional sugaring service. Ice Powder is a 397 gms/14 oz. jar.

Warmers and Latex Gloves(extra small, small, medium)
Nitrile Gloves(extra small, small, medium)

Formulated with natural botanicals to hydrate and protect the skin after a sugaring service. The Hydrating Cream is a 473 ml/16 oz. bottle.

Keywords: hair removal, Jar, Sugar Paste