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As Canada's leading network of mortgage negotiators, Invis can help take care of your entire mortgage needs — and save you hours of valuable time and potentially thousands of dollars in the process. Our size and scale of operations put us in a very powerful negotiating position so you can count on us for highly favorable rates and a mortgage product that best suits your needs.

RateCentre.com and the Invis team is comprised of strategic players with extensive experience in the financial service sector. The strength of this collective experience makes Invis a dominant player in the financial service industry today. This gives us the ability to offer you the best possible RATES, SERVICE and MORTGAGE OPTIONs.

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Our Services
For All Your Mortgage Needs: 

• First Time Home Buyer:
Purchasing a home for the first time.

• Repeat Buyer:
Purchasing a home and are a past or present owner.

• Renewing Your Mortgage:
Your mortgage is coming up for renewal and you want to switch it to a different lender.

• Need to Refinance:
You want to increase the amount of your existing mortgage so you are renegotiating the terms and rate.

• Get Pre-Approved:
A Pre-Approved mortgage let you know before you go looking for your home or signing an offer to purchase, how much you can afford to borrow based on your qualification and personal credit rating. We'll arrange for you the most competitive rates with a rate guarantee period up to 120 days.

Other Services
• Credit Challenged
• Bank Turndown
• Self-employed
• Equity-take-out
• Debt Consolidation
• All types of Commercial financing

Refinance Your Mortgage and Other Debts to One Mortgage Payment and $ave!! 
Today you can refinance up to 100% of your homes value without doing a costly second mortgage! 

Browse some of the other areas of our site, and please feel free to take advantage of our "Online Mortgage Application" - we will process your request and get back to you with the best interest rate available in Canada!

RateCentre.com and INVIS represents over 40 different lending institutions; such as banks, trust companies, credit unions, insurance companies, private investors, etc. We are members of the Canadian Institute of Mortgage Brokers & Lenders. 

Free Downpayment


Home Buyers who do not have sufficient down payment for their home purchase 

Key Points

• Posted 5 year Term or 0.5% off the 7 year Term
• Insurance Premium of 3.9%
• Max Purchase Price $300,000.00


• Good Credit Repayment History
• No 3rd party or non-occupying guarantors or co-borrowers eligible
• Will consider either of the applicant/co-applicant’s beacon score of 680 & up 
• Minimum R1 or I1Rating required
• Submission of Job Letter/T4/NOA/Pay stubs required
• Self Employed or Commissioned Agents 3 years NOA 
• 1.5% of closing cost from own resource

* Some exceptions may apply

Mortgage for Self-Employed

Self-Employed and Commissioned Sales Borrowers with good credit who cannot meet GDS/TDS requirements based on Verifiable Income Requires financing up to 85% LTV with Non-Verifiable Income.

Product Type: 

A residential mortgage financing program for primary residences on a Purchase, Switch or Refinance Mortgage

Key Points:
• Waives standard GDS/TDS!
• High Ratio Insured Financing includes refinances up to 85%
• Maximum property value $500,000.00
• Available for all fixed term from 3 years to 7 years and variable rates


• Good Credit Repayment History
• Down Payment must come from own resources
• Most recent NOA for confirmation that taxes are filed & no tax arrears 

* Some exceptions may apply

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Keywords: financing, Mortgage, Qualifications, refinance

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