Brooks - Performance Horse Feeds

By: Brooks Feeds  09-12-2011

On farm support
On farm consultation and support is the most important service we offer to earn customer loyalty and promote successful outcomes. We can offer simple suggestions to a more detailed analysis of feedstuffs and feeding options including feed analysis and ration balancing.

Ration Balancing
A detailed analysis of possible feeding options, a Brooks based feeding program, and an analysis of current feeds and rations is available using our computerized programs.

Growth Monitoring and Charting
An extremely useful service to breeders is a program that monitors the growth of young horses and compares them to breed averages. The results are then charted and graphed and analyzed on a regular basis with the breeder. Deviations from normal growth patterns are picked up and adjustments can be made if necessary to the feeding program.

Ration analysis and programming

Micro Steed
- K.E.R program for analyzing rations
- and requirements for all types of horses
- user friendly format
- eliminates guesswork

- analyses and compares rations in many different situations - adjusts to horses requirements
- flexible and accurate
Growth Monitoring and charting

- A K.E.R program for charting and monitoring growth of foals up to 18 months of age.
- Compares individual growth with average growth of Canadian Thoroughbreds.
- goes along with regular on farm measuring of weight and wither height

- similar to GroTrac but also charts other breeds
- offers an estimate of future mature size based on current size and age
- warns of uneven growth and possible deficiencies