Rock Work |

By: Sustainable Trails  09-12-2011

Aesthetically rock can be a better fit for steps, benches, technical trail features and it certainly is much more permanent than wood.

Using a wood structure is one method of dealing with unique trail issues, but we feel in many cases rock is a better solution. It comes naturally to our staff to work with rock. Both principals of the company are bricklayer/stone masons.

In more urban settings, discarded concrete debris and recycled concrete granular provide a good base material for trail construction, lowering the project costs while keeping these materials out of landfill. If required for aesthetics, natural rock can be installed over this base concrete.

Armoring high traffic areas and water crossing with this recycled materials or rock literally provides a permanent trail tread.

Other products and services from Sustainable Trails


Trail Construction |

Sustainable Trails' construction crews rise to the challenge of providing the best possible user experience, employing tried and true techniques while applying their world wide experience, resulting in a sustainable and safe trail network. The landowner is given with a complete package including the planning, design, layout and construction of the trail system. Our firm donates the use of up to 50 hand tools to aide the community work force.


Trail Equipment |

Whether the task calls for narrow purpose built single track, a wider multi use trail tread or hardened surface trail, we have equipped our fleet of trail building equipment to handle all types of trail projects. From the rain forest mountains of Jamaica, the arid deserts of Mexico, to the hardwood forests of Ontario, we have altered the manufacturers’ equipment to suit the local conditions.


Trail Structures |

Solutions such as bridges, culverts, retaining walls, and boardwalks are incorporated to ensure the sustainability of the trail and the safety of the users. To address such items as turns in steep side slopes, water crossings, moist and wet areas a creative solution is required. Our Sustainable Trails staff relies on their years of construction background to assist them to choose the perfect remedy.


Training Workshops |

Currently we have over 50 hand tools, mechanized trail building equipment, a full compliment of personal protection equipment and a well trained staff that would ensure a very informative and successful training workshop. We have partnered with the Ontario Parks Association to provide a series of Trail Training Workshops, with the first being held at the Humber College Arboretum, September 2010.


Trail Planning / Design |

Coupled with this thorough data collection is our extensive experience in trail design and construction, that translates into developing a trail plan providing minimal - erosion, -impact on the environment, - liability to the landowner and maximizing the trail user's experience.


Volunteer Workshops |

We have facilitated workshops for the Huronia Greenways and Trails Conference and Conservation Ontario’s conference in 2008, where a section of volunteer trail was constructed near Emily Park Ontario. Our staff provides the complete service of conducting workshops where a group of volunteers are trained in the safe use of the hand tools and the basic methods of trail construction.