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By: Kemble Mountain Roastery  09-12-2011
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At Kemble Mountain Roastery we use only 100% Organic and Fair Trade coffees.

Whether you are buying fresh roasted beans to take home or enjoying a freshly brewed cup at your favourite café, we hope you will love every drop of Kemble Mountain Roastery coffee.

Single Origin Coffee:

  • Dominican Republic
  • Ethiopia
  • Guatemala
  • Nicaragua
  • Peru
  • Sumatra
  • Swiss Water Peru Decaffeinated

The Blends:

Around the Sound *

Specially crafted with Anne, the founder of”Around the Sound” in mind, you’ll find a cup of this blend to be bold with nuances of spicyness and fruit.  Temporarily on hold while Anne recovers and rebuilds after the devasting fire earlier this year that destroyed Around the Sound.

The Bay Blend

A rich and satisfying blend that delivers smooth, slightly nutty tasting coffee.

Birgit’s Blend *

Served at the Owen Sound Farmers Market by Birgit’s Breakfast (and delicious treats).  This is a specially created blend for Birgit.

Decaffeinated - Nathalie’s Decaf Blend *

A perfect blend of the medium and french roasted decaffeinated Peru beans harmonizes its lovely flavours without the jolt.  As always, our decaf is Swiss Water Processed.

The Dark Side

This dark roasted blend invites you to a delicious cup of coffee just this side of crazy.

The Downtown Bookstore Blend *

Enjoy a cup of this specially crafted blend with your favorite book from the Downtown Bookstore.

 Georgian Bay Blend

A smooth and mild blend that is becoming a favorite amonst the Port Elgin locals.

Java Junkie

Boasting sweet and dark flavours blended for a smooth tone - a hit in Southampton!

Kemble Kick

Superior beans provide the distinctive flavour of this espresso french roast.

The Market Blend

A smooth blend for an outstanding medium roast coffee. 

Pilots’ Brew *

Created for Mimi’s Roof Top Café, this smooth and daring dark roast inspires the friends at the Wiarton Airport to great heights.

Rocky Road Blend

An exotic and unique flavour combining African and Asian beans to stimulate your taste buds!          

The Sailor’s Brew

This dark and robust brew gets you on your way with a smile!

The Ultimate! Espresso

A unique french roast blend makes up this popular espresso coffee.

* Indicates a Signature Blend.  Our signature blends are created co-jointly by Kemble Mountain Roastery and your buisness.  Please inquire regarding the creation of your own signature blend.

The Green Beans:

Our selection of green beans is available to home roasters as well.   The selection below is currently available and updated frequently to reflect our cart:

Dominican Republic - “Barahona - Polo” 

Ethiopia - “Harrar”

Guatemala - Café Femenino

Peru - “Penachi”

Nicaragua - “Nueva Segovia”

Sumatra - “Mandehling”

Papua New Guinea - “Enorga” 

Swiss Water Decaffeinated - Peru

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