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By: Stephen Maltais Nd,msc  09-12-2011
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" Seven Ways I Help"

1. Acupuncture (e.g. for Pain Relief or  to stop smoking)
2. Intravenous Medicine for cancer, vision loss, chronic fatigue, Lyme's disease, arthritis, M.S.
3. Nutritional Medicine (helps digestion)
4. Homeopathic Medicine (has the ability to cure)
5. Herbal Medicine (heals)
6. Hydrotherapy (restores the body!)
7. Listen to You (lifestyle counseling)Examples of additional tests are:

. Any blood test you want at a local lab!

. Hormone Testing (saliva and blood)

. Toxic  Metal Testing

. Allergy and Immunology Testing (blood)

. Hair and Mineral Analysis

. Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
. Blood Typing
. Detoxification Profile 

. Bowel Toxicity Test
. Vitamin and Mineral Status testing
. Zinc deficiency testing
. Cardiovascular Profile
. Genetic testing for Susceptibility to Disease
. Amino Acid Profile testing

Food Intolerance Testing is also available

Keywords: disease, Medicine

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