PPC (pay per click) Management

By: Spider Choice Inc.  21-05-2014
Keywords: Web Advertising, Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the services offered by Spider Choice and we recommend it be included as a part of your web marketing solutions. Positive Features - easy to set up accounts ads can start showing in couple of hours you decide which position you would like to be listed in and yes that includes #1 you can control your daily or monthly budgets you only pay when someone clicks on your ad Negative Features - you do pay when someone clicks on your Ad the click thruough rate of PPC is drastically lower than the organic listings can be fairly time-consuming especially if you are not experienced the more popular the keyword the more expensive the click on your ad Although all search engines offer pay per click advertising, just like the organic listings the majority of traffic comes from Google, Yahoo and MSN and their partner networks. Google network includes Google, AOL, Netscape, Ask Jeeves, Earthlink, Lycos and many more. Yahoo network includes Yahoo, Alltheweb, infospace, Excite, CNN, Altavista, Overture and many more. MSN network includes MSN Search Engine only. And of course the king of PPC is Google and their pay per click program called AdWords. Not only does it bring the most traffic by far but it is very user friendly with many basic and advanced features. Google AdWords software was built so that someone with a basic understanding of web marketing could get ads up and running and of course using it, which is how they generate most of their revenue. So you must be wondering why if it is that easy you would pay for a company like Spider Choice to manage your campaigns.

Keywords: Online Marketing, pay per click, Search Engine Marketing, Web Advertising

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