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By: Transmedia Group  09-12-2011

We have never compromised on quality or the level of service we offer. Yet we are able to save our clients money, in some instances we have put up to 25% in transport costs back in their pockets. We have accomplished this by covering in-house breakup/traffic, chain marketing, solicitation programs, RDA administration and expert consultation. You can assure that our versatility will ultimately increase your bottom line, by lowering costs.

As a prominent North American national distributor of Canadian, U.S. and offshore magazines we are a desirable choice for many companies, as we work with our clients on a more one-to-one level. This type of focus allows for a greater understanding of the client needs and as a result we are able to attain their vision and further their business overall. We provide our full service for both the special interest titles with distribution in the hundreds to the broader appeal publications with distribution in the thousands. We are more flexible and react faster to customer requirements.Our personnel are aware of you, the client, and familiar with the basic program, ensuring that we are able to provide answers to any questions you may have.A TransMedia Group representative focuses on the needs of fewer clients, resulting in our publishers receiving essential individual attention, as compared to other National Distributors who focus on quantity rather than quality service.Understanding the importance of communications we endeavour to keep our clients up-to-date on the services we have provided for them and to the trends in the marketplace that may have an effect on their newsstand sales.