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Employment due to CANDU:

  • CANDU Exports  =  Ontario Jobs;
  • CANDU exports depend on an Ontario sale; exports = jobs, economic growth;
  • If Ontario chooses a competitor, CANDU export prospects highly questionable;
  • For every CANDU exported, Ontario will gain:
    • $1.75 billion in GDP growth;
    • The equivalent employment impact of an auto plant
  • If CANDU captures its traditional share of the international market up to 2030, the domestic impact is estimated to be:
    • Up to $34 Billion in incremental Canadian GDP growth
    • Up to 419,000 person years of Canadian employment growth
  • Since 1996, AECL & Team CANDU have designed, built and delivered 6 CANDU reactors to international customers

CANDU Reactors Around the World

The CANDU 6 power reactor offers a combination of proven and superior, state-of-the-art technology. It was designed specifically for electricity production, unlike other major reactor types that evolved from other uses. This focused development is one of the reasons that CANDU has such high fuel efficiency.

CANDU 6 is AECL's 700 MWe class nuclear power reactor. The first CANDU 6 plants went into service in the early 1980s as leading-edge technology, and the design has continuously evolved since to maintain superior technology and performance.

World Nuclear Power Reactors 2006-08 and Uranium Requirements

for more information.

New Nuclear in Ontario
  • Canada’s nuclear industry is located here in Ontario, and is in demand all over the world.
  • Our government needs to select CANDU for new nuclear here in Ontario.
  • CANDU technology is a proven, reliable source for the energy Ontario needs, and is a major solution for climate change.
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Keywords: Nuclear Industry, Nuclear Power, Nuclear Power Reactor

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In South Korea—which has significant operating experience running both CANDU power plants and foreign competitors' technologies—CANDU 6 power plants have matched or exceeded other competitors' performance. Nuclear power is the most extensively regulated form of energy, required to meet very stringent safety and environmental requirements for all aspects, from mining to used fuel management.


public polls

75% of Ontarians think nuclear should play the same or an increased role in Canada’s energy mix over the next few decades The research program tracks overall support for and attitudes toward nuclear energy in Canada since the February 2005 benchmark. Support for nuclear power is up nominally in the last two years by +7 points. Ontarians support nuclear and prefer CANDU (February 2007 IPOS-REID poll.



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