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By: Gmfraser  09-12-2011


Powermetrix has created and implemented the most innovative field testing device in the electric utility industry. The PowerMaster® is a top of the line field instrument with a true 3-phase analyzing standard and integrated current and voltage source. With an accuracy of ±0.02% in the field, the PowerMaster® is more accurate than most lab standards, and 10 times more accurate than most meters. The user interface is a Windows CE based program that enables the user to perform complex tasks with an easy to use dashboard. With the ability to measure all primary and secondary signals, the PowerMaster® can simultaneously test all 3 phases for CT burden and ratio errors. It tests meters under customer load and/or generated load conditions. The PowerMaster® also tests PTs and transducers, de-magnetizes CTs, and even features data trending for power quality analysis. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the PowerMaster® is its ability to fully test sites where there is little or no load present, eliminating the need to re-visit a site. The PowerMaster® is housed in a compact Pelican case, which is waterproof, weathertight, and extremely rugged. Powermetrix also included an 8.4”, full color transflective VGA display, and is offering an industry best 5 year warranty. With many advanced features, the PowerMaster® will revolutionize field testing.

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